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Kaliesh-ing the Beast (3 of 3: Near WMMA Jump to Invicta and Fight Bound)

For many years, West has never shied away from pointing out the large discrepancy gap between the promotion of women’s mixed martial arts and boxing. Her first and foremost love though is unequivocally the sweet science, so she prefers to stick with it. That doesn’t mean she did not entertain offers that enticed her to make the jump. In fact, all-women’s Kansas City-based MMA promotion Invicta Fighting Championships approached her

Kaliesh-ing the Beast (2 of 3: Promoter Talks and the Accident)

 (Photos by &, top to bottom) The standard day-to-day operations for 26-year-old West consisted of emergency room host duties at Loma Linda University Medical Center in California. Though she quit after six years and is now employed at a local bank, the trials and tribulations she experiences in the arena when a belt is up for grabs pales in comparison to what she witnessed firsthand when someone’s life

Kaliesh-ing the Beast (1 of 3: Equality Stance and Coach Dad)

Cali women’s boxing product fighting 8-round battle for respect, equality and a cause with no room for pause “Told me Loveless is a mad man, but I don’t fear that. Got mad weapons too, ain’t trying to hear that. Trying to bring me down, this champion? When y’all clowns going to see that it can’t be done. Understand me son.” (Photo by That quote is synonymous with one of the most recognizable songs of the ‘90s: “Wild

Boxing Champ Ava Knight Calls Out UFC’s New Strawweight Division

Women’s Boxing Superstar Puts TUF 20 Cast, Signees on Notice Coming off the heels of a successful season that crowned the first female winner, the announcement of an inaugural season of The Ultimate Fighter exclusive to strawweight women soon followed. TUF 20 is set to begin taping in April and debut on Fox Sports 1 on September 10th. UFC lightweight champion Anthony Pettis and number contender Gilbert Melendez are set

Dana White doesn’t speak for everyone

  For every drip of octagon sweat perspiration, blood particle dripped and bone snap, crackled and popped, there is a constant monitoring, governing body that sees it all. UFC President Dana White serves as not only as the head mouthpiece (no pun intended) of the fight circle but also as the judge, jury and pretend executioner of what transpired that night. With his bald head glistening under the bright lights

How to find the right MMA gym and training partner

Searching for an MMA gym that fits your style, capitalizes on your strengths and helps improve your weaknesses is a process. Find one that does all three can be a daunting task for those with limited resources and monetary finances. For those fighters who fit that bill, they are left with the scraps: serviceable but eary training facility, usable but old and worn out equipment and good but non-renown coaches.

Contrary to White’s beliefs, UFC not ready for an openly gay male fighter

Long before the hayday of the Ultimate Fighting Championship and mixed martial arts in general, the sport was galvanized with what discipline was the best and most dominant of all. The pride in which these competitors kept with them in an effort to defend their craft’s honor was inflated to the highest core. Enter today’s MMA landscape and gym pride has never been higher. Different gyms aim to hold the

Politically incorrect or not, men need WMMA to “Sex it up”

The male species in its most purest, simplistic and natural form, has long been attracted to the idea of hardy meat eating, getting their fingers dirty through manual labor, and being attracted to the most gorgeous of female species who are most aesthetically pleasing to the eye. So when guys turn on the television, their brains are not akin to keep up with the Kardashians, love David’s Bridal or discover

Bellator taking huge calculated risk by not scheduling Rampage vs King Mo in tournament

Note to Bjorn Rebney: Cut out the middle men. The announcement of Bellator 110’s light heavyweight tournament featuring Quinton “Rampage” Jackson and Muhammad “King Mo” Lawal both in action was met with pure excitement to the casual and hardcore MMA fan. So the fact that they’re scheduled against two different opponents, leaves a scalp scratch or two in order. Jackson, who faces Christian M’Pumba, decimated former UFC heavyweight fighter Joey

UFC 170: ‘Cummins’ to break you off!

From virtually unknown to Chael Sonnen-esque clone, Patrick Cummins made quick work of his new hot promo style spotlight when he joined Charissa Thompson, UFC President Dana White, and upcoming UFC 170 opponent Daniel Cormier this past weekend. Cummins (4-0, 4 TKOs), who filled in for an injured Rashad Evans in the co-main event slot, insinuated that he made former wrestling training partner Cormier “cry” during practice sessions in “D.C.’s” upcoming