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Jorge Masvidal may take it all in 2020

Imagine a million gobble necked turkeys all fatted up for thanksgiving dinner and as they quietly peck away at the dust, now enters the beast, Jorge Masvidal, into the welterweight division. At some point, Masvidal took out your favorite fighter and the next one after that. Unless it’s a weight class he can’t physically touch, it doesn’t look like anyone feels safe where they stand within the top five. But

Video: Tiger Taylor breaks down the Nick Diaz interview and his chances against Jorge Masvidal

Nick Diaz‘s interviews are always interesting. No one with any fundamental level of common sense should ever doubt this man’s ability to back it all up in the cage as well. But father time comes for us all and in the case of fighters, their bodies and brains can take a lot of damage over the years. That’s is not necessarily what is going on with Nick. Everyone has the

Video: What’s next for Nate Diaz? Tiger Taylor says Conor McGregor

Tiger rarely picks a single perspective when breaking down his very specific conclusions on evolving situations within the mix martial arts world. But this New York native by way of Oklahoma, whether you love or hate him, is usually right. Before eating the MMA debate game for breakfast in the video below, Tiger sets the proverbial table by revisiting the current MMA landscape and how it all points to a

UFC 214 Preview: Predicting the 5 top fights

The return of Jon Jones meets the validation of Daniel Cormier. The legacy of both fighters is tied directly to the outcome of this fight. For Jones, winning back the belt he never lost will get him back on track after years of controversial drug tests and criminal convictions. DC has defeated everyone in the light heavyweight division, except the man who beat him. If he can win on July

Believe Conor McGregor When He Says Floyd Mayweather Jr’s Next

Everyone is waiting to see what McGregor’s fists will accomplish next. The man himself created the global fascination involving a young Irishman, standing in the center of cage, wearing shorts and two four-ounce leather gloves. He hasn’t wasted time monetizing the phenomenon either since he began headlining shows for the UFC in only his second fight with the promotion. Before becoming remotely close in every true fight fan’s mind as a

The UFC Octagon is a symbol of accepting the winner and loser in all of us

I say the Octagon and not the cage because it all started with the UFC and it will end with the UFC. It doesn’t matter the lies we tell ourselves, because our love affair with the sport lives and dies with the premier organization in the world. Bellator is irrelevant. World Series of Fighting is irrelevant. Point of fact it is a similar set of polarized emotional plot points that

Can a TRT free Dan Henderson defeat Daniel Cormier at UFC 175?

Now this fight hasn’t been made official yet but it feels solid. To be blunt though, Dan Henderson will probably not win. Regardless of TRT use, Henderson is just too far past his prime to contend with the new breed of fighters at 205. Then again, Daniel Cormier has yet to face a ranked opponent at 205 so regardless of the possible disparity in skill sets at this point, this fight

UFC 171 in review: Three brutal ordeals at 170lb’s and one champion crowned

The crowd chanted evenly in unison, “KNEEE, KNEEE, KNEEEE,” as Robbie Lawler stumbled backwards with his hands firmly clasped around Johny Hendricks’s neck as he relentlessly pulled the number one contender in the welterweight division backwards with the crowd chanting for what they felt was necessary in knees to the face, and then Hendricks head popped up as he disengaged from the clinch, and a moment of surreal awareness of