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How does Renan Barao’s unbeaten streak match up with Fedor’s?

The date was April 14, 2005. The place was Natal, Brazil. The opponent was Joao Paulo. On that day, Renan Barao, fighting in his home town, lost his MMA debut by unanimous decision. The significance of this defeat cannot be understated, because this would be the only time he would taste defeat in his nearly eight year mixed martial arts career. His record since that loss is an incredible 30-0

Will PED’s lead to the downfall of MMA?

Performance enhancing drugs (PED’s) have long been a major problem in the sport of mixed martial arts. They give fighters an unfair advantage that they wouldn’t have had otherwise. They can make you stronger, faster, and even give you the ability to heal more rapidly. PED’s can turn marginal fighters into stars. It can turn journeyman fighters into borderline contenders. It can turn borderline contenders into contenders. It can turn

The rise and fall of Alistair Overeem

11 career loses. Six by T(KO). Never before has a fighter with those numbers amongst their statistics, been praised by MMA fans everywhere, as often as Alistair Overeem has been. Fans all over the world were calling him the next big star, future UFC Heavyweight Champion, and the best striker in MMA today. Now, whether or not he deserved such accolades, is up for you to decide. On the surface

Jose Aldo vs. Anthony Pettis

The MMA world has been turned upside down; as it was announced by the UFC that lightweight division standout, Anthony “Showtime” Pettis, will in fact make the drop down to featherweight to fight the 145 pound kingpin, Jose Aldo. The news was first reported by USA Today who received the word directly from Dana White. This comes as a bit of a shock, because Pettis is the number one contender in

The Integrity of MMA is Being Compromised: Part II

About two months ago, I wrote an article titled “The Integrity of MMA is Being Compromised“. I wrote about the questionable hero of whom is embraced by a select group of people; Chael P. Sonnen. I took great exception to Chael being named an ultimate fighter coach, opposite light heavyweight champion, Jon Jones. To make matters worse, Chael is also slated to fight Jones for the title in April. I

Izzy’s Input: What’s next for the UFC on FOX winners?

UFC on Fox 5 this past Saturday was an extremely successful and exciting event. Highlighted by the second defense of Ben Henderson’s lightweight title; this event was one of my all-time favorites. The reigning lightweight champion showed why he should be considered a top five pound for pound fighter. He imposed his game plan and his will on Nate Diaz; winning a decisive unanimous decision in the process. The Co

Fighters Rendezvous: Post UFC 154 Main Card Edition

UFC 154, which took place this past Saturday, was a historic event that featured the return of Georges St. Pierre, the long reigning UFC Welterweight Champion. The Main Event featured St. Pierre, who had been out for 19 months; successfully defending his title against Carlos Condit in a fight of the night performance. The fight was the usual dominating performance on the score cards for GSP, as he won a unanimous

Top 10 pound-for-pound rankings

Pound 4 Pound Rankings are a subject of great debate within the MMA community. Something that has always fascinated me is that everyone that fills out their rankings has a valid point as to why they ranked a certain fighter as low as they did, or as high as they did. For the most part, the rankings are pretty accurate, except when someone decides that a fighter is worthy of

Jonny “Bones” Jones roams the top of the light heavyweight hill, undaunted and uncontested

And still, the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion of the World, Jonny Bones Jones!!! That right there is a sentence that we have grown accustomed to hearing. It is also a sentence that will follow all of Jon’s fights, so we better get used to it. Four years into his MMA career and Jon Jones is already amongst the best fighters on the planet and quite possibly of all time. What

Top 10 Middleweight Rankings: Anderson Silva Stands Alone

  Anderson “The Spider” Silva! There isn’t anything that I can say about this man that hasn’t already been said by everyone else. Silva has left a trail of destruction behind him which includes 16 wins in 16 fights, inside the octagon. What’s even more impressive is his 11-0 record in title fights. The man has won fights via front kick to the face, Thai knees to the nose, and