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Kitten’s Corner 5: The Worlds Strongest Vagina?

  Join the fun yet again with Kitten and Gabe on MMA Freak LIVE! Friday Night at 8:30 PM EST. This week we’ll have a couple of exclusive interviews, the latest in MMA News and The Worlds Strongest Vagina? (video below) If you cant join us live, download the podcast on itunes     Listen to internet radio with MMA Freak LIVE on Blog Talk Radio    

Kitten’s Corner 3: New School vs Old School and a Flying Arm Bar!

If you missed the live show (Friday Nights at 8:30PM on Blogtalk Radio) you can still download or stream the show.  Lots of cool topics: Kitten discussed new school fans vs old school, World Series of Fighting, asian fighters and one HELLUVA Flying Arm Bar. Link to that amazing arm bar is below, a MUST WATCH! Listen to internet radio with MMA Freak LIVE on Blog Talk Radio The Flying

Tonight on MMA Freak LIVE!: The UFC on Fuel Preview: Barao vs McDonald

Join the gang tonight at 8PM EST as they discuss UFC on Fuel: Barao vs McDonald. A hot new Kitten’s Corner and will Senior Editor Gabe show up on time? They’ll also discuss all the latest MMA News. How will the latest hearing results effect future of MMA in New York City. Will there finally be a UFC card on the World’s biggest stage, Madison Square Garden? Click the image

Women will be in the UFC, Deal with it!

New York City- a place where eight million people of different races, creed and orientations share a city only 300 sq. miles large.  I grew up there and because of that, I’m proud to say that I’m a bit of a social liberalist. I believe that our views change throughout history because we grow as a society.  We have to accept those changes or else become relics of our own

UFC 154: Dana White on Cowboys Stadium and Raven’s Ray Lewis in a Fight

UFC President Dana White made a brief appearance this week on ESPN’s Sportcenter promoting the upcoming UFC 154.  He touched on many of the latest topics concerning the next year of the sport.  From filling up stadiums, injuries in MMA, and even a dream bout concerning a couple of his favorite NFL players. When asked about Georges St Pierre’s return, Dana pointed out how important GSP is to the UFC.

Is Ronda Rousey Our Modern Day Jackie Robinson?

On April 15th 1947, Jack Roosevelt “Jackie” Robinson was called up from the minors to become the second baseman for the Brooklyn Dodgers.  In doing so, he  became Major League Baseball’s first African-American player and  broke the long standing color barrier in American team sports. A few days ago, the UFC announced that Ronda Jean Rousey will join their ranks in 2013.  She will officially become America’s first female mixed

We’re live at the UFC on FX!

Our senior editor Gabe Keith was lucky enough to score some tickets to tonight’s UFC on FX in Minneapolis. He’ll be live tweeting, so if you want to follow the fun you can find us @mmafreakout