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Top 10 MMA flyweights: November 2014

Note due to suspension, Ali Bagautinov is ineligible for the rankings. Also note the previous rankings (10/13/14) are in parenthesis: 1) Demetrious Johnson (1) With the UFC schedule the way it is, one can expect Demetrious Johnson to next defend his title in the ballpark of April of this next year. 2) Joseph Benavidez (2) Joseph Benavidez did indeed face the up and coming brawler Dustin Ortiz at UFC Fight Night 57 and was able to grind

The Ultimate Fighter 20: episode 9 – Don’t Talk to Me

The episode opens up with Team Melendez deciding to party in celebration of backing up their sole quarterfinalist in Rose Namajunas and start to get a little on the rowdy side. During a sleepover, Tecia Torres is bothered by their loud behavior and moves rooms. The next day she trades rooms with Angela Magana and rooms with Heather Jo Clark. Then Team Pettis discusses the coaching situation and decides to split the team into morning and evening teams

Top 10 P4P MMA fighters: November 2014

Due to inactivity Anthony Pettis, Cain Velasquez and Junior dos Santos are ineligible. Previous rankings (10/6/14) in parenthesis: 1) Jon Jones (1) Jon Jones is set to face upcoming opponent Daniel Cormier at UFC 182 on January 3rd in order to finally settle the score once and for all. Jones is without a doubt a spectacular athlete, however as mentioned before Cormier has been known to pull upsets on many occasions. 2) Demetrious Johnson (2) One can

Bellator MMA Season Eleven in Review

The final season of Bellator MMA was a good one under the leadership of Scott Coker and it looks like Bellator maybe a legitimate promotion. Several changes were implemented for this final season which could be seen as a transitional period. However, they seem to be making a difference for the better which is why Coker was hired. The changes can be looked upon in three basic categories along the way with

Around the world of MMA: November 22

This last weekend was exciting to say the least in MMA with another fight card is coming this weekend. Here are results and a preview: Reviews:  UFC 180: Werdum vs. Hunt The UFC’s first trip to Mexico City on Saturday, November 15th was definitely a success with a sold out venue despite the main event change. Fabrício Werdum vs. Mark Hunt Fabricio Werdum came back from a first round dominated by Mark

The Ultimate Fighter 20: episode 8 – Scrapettes

The episode opens up with the members of Team Melendez deemed the “Scrapettes” meeting and discussing how to move former Team Melendez member Tecia Torres and Heather Jo Clark into the room with Lisa Ellis. Emily Kagan is chosen as the messenger. In the meantime, both teams go to “The Pond” at the Green Valley Ranch Resort to relax. When the Scrapettes leave, Clark and Ellis bring up the moving rooms question up to Torres who

Top 10 MMA light heavyweights: November 2014

Please note the rankings are voted on by a panel of MMA Freak writers and the previous rankings (9/25/14) are listed in parenthesis: 1) Jon Jones (1) Jon Jones will headline the annual UFC New Years Eve show at UFC 182 on January 3rd in Las Vegas, Nevada against Daniel Cormier. It will be interesting to see how Jones can handle a fighter who has controlled much larger opponents so soundly. 2) Daniel

Veterans Day 2014 special: Top 10 Military Vets of the Past Year

It is Veteran’s Day and today we honor those who have served our country in order to defend it. Last year I honored our vets with a list of the Top 10 Military Veterans in MMA and I would like to honor our veterans again this year. This time as with some of the lists I am listing the top 10 veterans of the past year. The criteria will be any

Around the world of MMA: November 14-15

The Around the world of MMA column returns as preview for the week’s MMA events. For the first time since July here are the shows: LEGACY FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP 37 Texas based Legacy FC will hold an event at the Arena Theater in Houston, Texas this coming Friday, November 14th broadcast on AXS TV: Daniel ‘The Pit’ Pineda vs Leonard ‘Bad Boy’ Garcia Justin Reiswerg vs Mike ‘The Greek’ Bronzoulis Bruno

The Ultimate Fighter 20: episode 7 – Risk It All

A rift has appeared within Team Melendez as Heather Jo Clark and Lisa Ellis has began to associate more with Team Pettis in the house and due to injuries sit out during practice sessions. Angela Magana and Emily Kagan bring up the matter with head coach Gilbert Melendez who acknowledges that if everyone was healthy and on the mat things might be different. In the meantime the remaining five members refer to themselves as the “Scrapettes”. This comes from the