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The Fight Itinerary: UFC Fight Night Bisping vs. Le Edition

Keeping up with the UFC is a daunting task in 2014. That’s why I’ve come to do something that’s very nerdy. I make a fight itinerary. I even call it a “fight itinerary.” In reality, it amounts to nothing more than a grocery list of sorts as I write an event down, and circle the parts that matter, sometimes even adding a few notes on when I can approximately take

Paige Vanzant Has a Spine Injury, Her Bout with Curran is Probably Off

Paige Vanzant took to social media to clarify why her coach Urijah Faber said he hadn’t seen her at the Team Alpha Male gym this summer. It turns out she has a spine injury… What? Her statement via Facebook: “WHERE IS PAIGE VANZANT? Dear fans I know quite a few of you are wondering why I am not in my training camp. I left Sacramento to come back to my

Only a few options left for Rousey after UFC 170

For all the entertainment that UFC 170 had to offer, the one thing that really stood out in it’s wake was how few real fighting options there are left for the women’s bantamweight champion, Ronda Rousey. Just over a week ago, Rousey crumpled the person who was advertised as her Olympic level equivalent in Sarah McMann with relatively the same amount of ease that she has had with all of

ALL THE DETAILS: TRT banned by NSAC and Belfort out, Machida vs Weidman for UFC 173

Wow. What a silly day of announcements for the silly sport of mixed martial arts. Just yesterday the number one thing that made fight fans squirm, Testosterone Replacement Therapy(TRT), has been banned by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. On the surface that seemed like great news. By some sort of wizardry the most controversial topic in MMA all of a sudden disappeared. However, now we know why it happened, when

UFC 169 weigh-in results: Everyone including Lineker make weight

Avoiding the fate of being unable to make weight for the fourth time in his UFC career was flyweight contender John Lineker who officially weighed in at 126 for his fight this weekend at UFC 169. Initially, he came in at 127, but after using up the extra hour allotted, UFC officials confirmed that he was able to make weight. Doing so means he does not forfeit 20% of his

Ali Abdel-Aziz believes WSOF is the real #2 MMA promotion ~ Is he right?

World Series of Fighting vs. Bellator: The Challenge You’re probably familiar with the image above. With the best use of an Excel spreadsheet ever, the World Series of Fighting vice president, Ali Abdel-Aziz, stopped by The MMA Hour earlier this month and issued a cross-promotional challenge to Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney. Why? For what reason? Well apparently for the right to be known as the real “number two” MMA promotion

UFC 168: Weidman’s claim of practicing a move capable of breaking Silva’s leg is false

The most visually offensive thing that you could imagine happening turns out to be our reality. The symbol of horrific sports injuries, the leg break, has taken down arguably the best fighter in the history of MMA in Anderson Silva at UFC 168. It was such a big deal that the good-natured words of an Australian thespian/evil future-seeing sorcerer earned the ire of MMA fans when he posted this to his

The Latest victim of TRT: Mark Hunt vs. Antonio Silva

This is simply dumb. That’s all I can muster in response to this latest news. The most fun and sensational heavyweight bout that we’ve had the pleasure of watching is now tainted by Antonio Silva‘s failed post-fight drug test for elevated testosterone levels (first reported by MMA Junkie). What’s infuriating is that it turns the obvious ‘fight of the year’ candidate into a sham. It’s no longer valid. It becomes

UFC 167 review: The good, the bad, and the indifferent

Is the sour taste left by UFC 167 from this past weekend still lingering in your mouth, or is this straight up halitosis that I have this morning? I can’t tell. (Lies, it’s my breath…) There was a lot to like about UFC 167. The fights were good. Then again there was also tons to gripe about. Let’s start with some of the takeaways that possibly ruined your night. ~

UFC 167 preview: Rory MacDonald vs Robbie Lawler

Oh man, I am fight fatigued. I feel bloated. I feel like somewhere along the line I developed an unhealthy relationship with MMA and now I’m just starting to notice it in the mirror. It’s all too fitting that this is the same month in which we’ll all celebrate by gorging our faces with actual food (insert Thanksgiving play on words). There’s just been too many good fights this fall