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Today in MMA History: April 25, 2004

April 25, 2004 Pride FC hosts Pride Total Elimination 2004 in Saitama Super Arena in Saitama, Japan.  Featuring a card comprised solely of matches of Pride FC’s 2004 Heavyweight Grand Prix opening round. It’s first and only ever Heavyweight Grand Prix. This is the promotions third GP, an open weight (non-existent today) and Middleweight tournament having preceded it. Pride Grand Prix’s are yearly tournaments competed within a designated weight class. After the bracket was announced,

Today in MMA History: April 15, 2006

Ultimate Fighting Championship holds UFC 59 on April 15, 2006 in Anaheim, Ca. It’s the promotions seventieth event. UFC 59: Reality Check takes place in front of a crowd of over 12,000 fight fans at the Arrowhead Pond in central Orange County, an arena known today as Honda Center. Headlined by a rematch between Heavyweight titleholder Andrei Arlovski and former champ Tim Sylvia, fight fans were sure it would be a boxing match

Today in MMA History: April 8, 2007

Dreamstage Entertainment produced Pride 34: Kamikaze today in 2007. Pride FC‘s first event held after Zuffa acquired it, it was the last event the Japanese fight promotion would ever hold. The card proved less than stellar, with a key-lock submission by former boxer Butterbean on the hippo-sized Brazilian “fighter” Zuluzinho proving to be the highlight of a dull night of fights. After the event many an idealist-mma fan held out hopes of Dana White and

The UFC: it all started in Scotland

Back in September 2014 I posted an article on here that the UFC would be coming to Scotland this year following Dana White’s response to a tweet I sent.  The news that the UFC may finally be coming to Scottish shores quickly spread far and wide as the excitement amongst Scottish fight fans hit fever pitch. Some 5 months later the same article is still sitting firmly top of MMA-Freak’s

Are MMA athletes being CM Punked?

It’s not often I agree with any of the Diaz brothers but I fully support Nate’s opinion on the UFC’s decision to sign former WWE star CM Punk.  In an interview with Ariel Helwani ahead of his recent fight with Rafael Dos Anjos Nate was very passionate in his response about the fact the UFC are basically giving an amateur fighter a chance to compete in the world’s premier MMA

Will it be Conor McGregor or Cub Swanson next for Jose Aldo?

Who will be next to challenge Jose Aldo’s Featherweight throne doesn’t appear to be quite as straightforward as it seemed.  Most fight fans had resigned themselves to the idea of Conor McGregor getting the next title shot following his impressive 4 fight win streak combined with an even more impressive PR campaign. Dana even flew McGregor to Brazil for UFC 179 as his guest of honour, clearly to create some

Should the UFC consider regional titles?

We are often reminded that MMA is the fastest growing sport in the world, but is MMA growing fast enough out with the Americas? Only twice has a world championship belt been won by non American fighters; Dutch legend Bas Rutten (1999) and Belarusian Andrei Arlovski (2005). That statistic would suggest the answer to my question is no, or certainly not fast enough to be producing enough high calibre fighters

Kaliesh-ing the Beast (3 of 3: Near WMMA Jump to Invicta and Fight Bound)

For many years, West has never shied away from pointing out the large discrepancy gap between the promotion of women’s mixed martial arts and boxing. Her first and foremost love though is unequivocally the sweet science, so she prefers to stick with it. That doesn’t mean she did not entertain offers that enticed her to make the jump. In fact, all-women’s Kansas City-based MMA promotion Invicta Fighting Championships approached her

Kaliesh-ing the Beast (2 of 3: Promoter Talks and the Accident)

 (Photos by stylezmakefights.com & wombatboxing.wordpress.com, top to bottom) The standard day-to-day operations for 26-year-old West consisted of emergency room host duties at Loma Linda University Medical Center in California. Though she quit after six years and is now employed at a local bank, the trials and tribulations she experiences in the arena when a belt is up for grabs pales in comparison to what she witnessed firsthand when someone’s life

Kaliesh-ing the Beast (1 of 3: Equality Stance and Coach Dad)

Cali women’s boxing product fighting 8-round battle for respect, equality and a cause with no room for pause “Told me Loveless is a mad man, but I don’t fear that. Got mad weapons too, ain’t trying to hear that. Trying to bring me down, this champion? When y’all clowns going to see that it can’t be done. Understand me son.” (Photo by boxingsocialist.com) That quote is synonymous with one of the most recognizable songs of the ‘90s: “Wild