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February Rankings: The UFC Commits to Official Fighter Rankings

Fans and mma spectators all over the world have always compiled their own rankings for fighters, and now they can quit complaining on who is correct or not. The UFC has always been a little hesitant on having their own set of official rankings, but now that will change. The UFC will be implementing an official rankings listing next month, partnering with their current statistics provider FightMetric to provide fans

Current top 5 pound-for-pound rankings

There have been many fighters that have come and gone in the UFC. The best pound for pound fighters are always controversial because opinions are biased and ever-changing. In order to stand out above the rest, a fighter must always train with the best, do their best, be their best, and beat the best. These five fighters have proven themselves to be some of the best mixed martial artists in

Top 10 pound-for-pound rankings

Pound 4 Pound Rankings are a subject of great debate within the MMA community. Something that has always fascinated me is that everyone that fills out their rankings has a valid point as to why they ranked a certain fighter as low as they did, or as high as they did. For the most part, the rankings are pretty accurate, except when someone decides that a fighter is worthy of

Jonny “Bones” Jones roams the top of the light heavyweight hill, undaunted and uncontested

And still, the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion of the World, Jonny Bones Jones!!! That right there is a sentence that we have grown accustomed to hearing. It is also a sentence that will follow all of Jon’s fights, so we better get used to it. Four years into his MMA career and Jon Jones is already amongst the best fighters on the planet and quite possibly of all time. What

Junior Dos Santos and Cain Velasquez Top the Heavyweight Rankings

When I think of the pound-for-pound greatest fighter in the world, yes Anderson Silva comes to mind. Heavyweight fighters are more than just the biggest weight class; they are the pound for pound baddest dudes on the planet. There isn’t much of an argument needed to prove that. When Junior Dos Santos and Cain Velasquez step in to the Octagon at UFC 155, it’s important to realize, those are the

Top 10 Middleweight Rankings: Anderson Silva Stands Alone

  Anderson “The Spider” Silva! There isn’t anything that I can say about this man that hasn’t already been said by everyone else. Silva has left a trail of destruction behind him which includes 16 wins in 16 fights, inside the octagon. What’s even more impressive is his 11-0 record in title fights. The man has won fights via front kick to the face, Thai knees to the nose, and

Georges St Pierre Tops the Welterweight Rankings

April 30, 2011 in Toronto was the last time UFC welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre graced the Octagon. During his time on the shelf due to a serious ACL injury, the landscape of the welterweight division completely changed for the better. We’ve seen contenders emerge in Johny Hendricks and Martin Kampmann. We’ve seen a hype train derailed by perfectly timed knees (Kampann’s KO of Jake Ellenberger). We’ve seen the crowning

Ben McPhee’s Top 10 Flyweights

Alright, it’s time for my last list of rankings for the lighter weight classes. Today we discuss the flyweights. A lot of true mma fans have been following these fighters and this weight-class for some time, even though it has only been in the UFC for a short time. On February 3, 2009, World Extreme Cagefighting (WEC) announced they would be adding a flyweight division set at 125 lb, however

Ben McPhee’s Top 10 Bantamweights: Get to know the little guys!

Alright fans, this is starting to get better and better. I personally love the smaller weight-classes and the 135’ers are some of my favorites. The bantamweight’s are some of the most thrilling,exciting fighters to watch. Right up there with the flyweights of course. The bantamweight division inside the UFC hasn’t been around that long, but definitely has a great amount of potential and some of the best fighters at 135

Ben McPhee’s Top 10 Featherweight Rankings

I hope everyone enjoyed my lightweight rankings, and now I’m back again. It’s time to talk about the featherweights. While there has only been one UFC featherweight champ, the history of the featherweight division grows deeper. To mention the word featherweight and not mention the name Urijah Faber would be ludacris. Faber helped run and popularize the 145 division in the WEC. Faber helped run the division but wasn’t the