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Ben McPhee’s Top 10 Bantamweights: Get to know the little guys!

Alright fans, this is starting to get better and better. I personally love the smaller weight-classes and the 135’ers are some of my favorites. The bantamweight’s are some of the most thrilling,exciting fighters to watch. Right up there with the flyweights of course. The bantamweight division inside the UFC hasn’t been around that long, but definitely has a great amount of potential and some of the best fighters at 135

Ben McPhee’s Top 10 Featherweight Rankings

I hope everyone enjoyed my lightweight rankings, and now I’m back again. It’s time to talk about the featherweights. While there has only been one UFC featherweight champ, the history of the featherweight division grows deeper. To mention the word featherweight and not mention the name Urijah Faber would be ludacris. Faber helped run and popularize the 145 division in the WEC. Faber helped run the division but wasn’t the

The History of the UFC Lightweight Division, Plus Top 10 Ranked Today

The lightweight division inside the UFC is one of the best, fastest growing divisions in mma. The list of talent at 155 is growing exponentially, and with so many good fighters, where should they be ranked? That’s why I am here. I have been watching mma for over 12 years and witnessed the re-birth of the lightweight division in 2006 and was very excited to see a division where power,

Welterweight Rankings: Welcome back George “Rush” St Pierre

The Welterweights have been stewing for some time now with the absence of GSP, the inclusion of the interim belt, and Strikeforce’s Nick Diaz immediate entry in to the title picture off one fight in the division. It’s a relief to shift focus on all the news of fighters pulling out of fights through injury and personal priorities. Bringing the UFC back to true form, enter the welterweight division in

August’s Heavyweight Rankings

Since UFC 146, the heavy weight division seems to have reached a new high in the history of MMA. If Daniel Cormier makes it past Frank Mir and Alistair Overeem completes his suspension, both men will enter the UFC and immediately challenge the big boys on the biggest stage in the sport of MMA. Junior “Cigano” Dos Santos is not only the heavy weight champ, but easily the best heavy weight to

July’s Light Heavy Weight Rankings

Jonny “Bones” Jones has finished 8 of his last 9 opponents. He pours on the hurt with extreme unorthodox and controlled abandon. I’m choosing to ignore the single blemish on his record created by an infamous Steve Mazzagatti reffing blunder. The king of the hill will have an overhyped challenge in Dan “Hendo” Henderson on  September 1st at UFC 151 in Mandalay Bay Events Center.  Hendo’s only chance is in cornering

July’s Middle Weight Rankings

1 Anderson “The Spider” Silva is obviously the baddest dude of the middle weights, much less pound for pound in the world. He will be tested by the only man to almost beat him, Chael Sonnen, on July 7. I love how he dances around his opponents with silly gestures right before exploding in their face in brutal fashion. 2 Chael P. Sonnen is extremely irritating to some and a breath

June’s Light Weight Rankings

1 Benson Henderson – The champ always receives the top spot. In my opinion he didn’t lose the WEC title fight against Anthony “Showtime” Pettis at WEC 53 two years ago. Pettis only won because of his highlight real kick that didn’t even finish the fight in the last round. It was as if a basketball player made a spectacular slam dunk in the final minutes of the game and even

May’s Pound-for-Pound Rankings

1)      Anderson Silva The king remains at the top of everyone’s mountain. I remember when people were giving Fedor the top spot over Anderson and George. It was a time in the sport where certain lessons had to be learned by the general public. One of these was seeing through the hype. The numbers never lie. Anderson Silva has an impressive list of statistical dominance. He will be facing the