Jason Miller Vandalizes Church, Found Naked Inside

He’s been well documented as one of the most colorful athletes to ever grace the UFC cage. He’s fought an elite list of top level talent throughout his MMA career, hosted tv shows, and gained a huge fan base along the way. Hearing of the latest self destructive move on the part of Jason “Mayhem” Miller came as a shock, but not a huge one. He’s hit a rough patch

Volkmann: “I’m gonna give him a University of Minnesota Wrestling Beat Down!”

“Yah I got one,” said Jacob “Christmas” Volkmann when asked if he had a statement for his opponent. “I’m gonna give him a University of Minnesota wrestling beat down.”  I’ll admit I was digging for something good but then this isn’t the first time Volkmann will compete against Shane Roller. “Cause we were arch rivals back when he was in college too. Their senior year they won nationals. The two years

UFC 150 in Review: A Robbery in Denver

Frankie Edgar won the fight last night, but not according to the judges. Well that’s not entirely true. One judge scored the fight 49-46 for Edgar and the other two 48-47 consecutively for Benson Henderson by split decision. I’m sorry but the judging has become such an issue, it’s almost unavoidable at this point. How can one judge score a dominant performance for one fighter and the other two completely

UFC 150: Three Important Fights Tonight, and Why

Conventional wisdom would seem to believe that if Ben “Smooth” Henderson could beat Frankie “The Answer” Edgar once, then he could definitely pull it off again. If history has anything to say on the matter, Frankie has never lost a rematch, even when he lost the first one.

Video: Will Dos Santos Fight Overeem Next!?

Current heavy weight champ Junior Dos Santos was at the fights last night. No one could miss him. He was positioned right behind where the fighters would finish their walk to the cage for the referee inspection. After the event, a journalist asked Dana White about where the champs future fight with Cain Velasquez would occur. Watch the video below and let me know if you think Junior will actually fight

UFC on FOX 4: Yes! Hell Yes!

Out of the many headlines I could’ve chosen for this piece, I believe the phrase I repeated after each main event performance was the most fitting. Brandon Vera stayed in the pocket, took hard shots, and dealt back some of his own until he was dismantled in the Fourth round by Maricio Rua.

Dana White: Changing up The Light Heavyweight Title Picture

No one can argue the UFC’s ability to break trends and pave new ground in combat sports, much less the entire sporting world in general. Dana White’s recent announcement only supports the stance Zuffa claimed they would maintain while running the biggest MMA promotion since they purchased it from the Gracie family, back in the day. Never before has a sport allowed the fans to have such a strong voice.

UFC on Fox4: Preview and Predictions

Not every fight card matters. In this case, I don’t see anyone knocking at the doors of title contention no matter who walks away with the fight, knockout, or submission of the night honors. Yet sometimes that’s exactly what great fights are made of. I doubt Brandon “The Truth” Vera or Maricio “Shogun” Rua will be challenging Jonny “Bones” Jones anytime soon but rest assured, neither are thinking about playing it safe in this one. Both need


A post fight press conference highlight: Watch as Dana White transitions from passively listening to Matthew Riddle talk about why he wants to fight Dan Hardy, to completely changing his demeanor. “WOW, said Dana. “We are definitely making the Dan Hardy fight.” VIDEO COURTESY OF MMAFIGHTING AND THE UFC..

UFC 149: Not all Bad

Here’s something I found fascinating: “If Barao beats Cruz in their inevitable title unification bought, Brazil will have more champions in their country than all the other champions combined.” I love the humility in the UFC. It was fully evident after UFC 149 failed to meet fan expectations.  Dana White’s honest comments in the post-fight press conference, along with apologies from Saturday night’s main card fighters, really showed the heart of those