Bisping Needs to be a Role Model Not a Bully

Michael Bisping is the biggest joke in the UFC and we all know I’ll let you know how I feel. First, Bisping is disrespecting Chris Weidman and Mark Munoz claiming Munoz is fat and Weidman is still a rookie who shouldn’t even be close to title contention. Now, we have him talking smack to a 125 pound fighter in Joseph Benavidez? I mean really? This is a sport and a

Silva vs Bonnar: Is the UFC on life support?

The UFC seems to be at a state of emergency lately. First UFC 151 was cancelled because the fighter that deserved the shot wouldn’t step up, and now UFC 153 went from a great card, to not even PPV worthy. The UFC lost Jose Aldo and Rampage Jackson the same day and it seemed like Frankie Edgar was going to stay on the card and just get another opponent. After

Is the UFC Becoming Boring?

The UFC is still a growing sport and still has a great amount of potential. Some believe that with all the injuries, the wrestling-esque story lines, and the fact that certain managers are becoming characters in a “soap opera” like format, the sport must have hit it’s peak. I completely disagree. Yeah the injury bug seems to be lurking around more than usual and there is a lot of story line drama,

The History of Jon Jones in the UFC: Puppet or Fighter?

When Jon “Bones” Jones began his UFC career he was one of the most humble fighters to enter the octagon. Not only did he have class, he had all the tools to put mma fans on notice. Jones finished his first six opponents before entering the UFC and going the distance with André Gusmão and Stephan Bonnar. Plus we can’t forget Bonnar getting dropped with that devastating spinning back elbow

The Light Heavyweight Division Could use Another ‘Iceman’

Everyone thought when they watched Jon Jones rise out of the ashes and into the Phoenix that he became, that he would be the next classy champ to run the 205 division for a long time. Instead of following in the foot steps of the last real/classy light heavyweight champion Chuck Liddell, Jones seems to be following in the foot steps of the last un-classy light heavyweight champion in Tito

Is Jon Jones the Most Hated Champ in UFC history?

The Jon Jones talk will never end after Dana White proclaimed UFC 151 as“The event Jon Jones and Greg Jackson murdered.” Now Jones has went on his twitter account to actually come out and blame Dan Henderson saying he screwed his knee up do to old age. Granted Henderson is old and that was probably the case, Jones is taking the excuses overboard and becoming the new “hated” guy in the

MMA Fans Don’t Hate Greg Jackson, They Fear the Past

Whenever talks about a super fight between Jon Jones, Anderson Silva, or George St Pierre surface, just the possibility of either of these men meeting in the Octagon is a modern cultural triumph worth noting. Boxing super fights such as Ali vs. Foreman and Hagler vs. Hearnes, defined past generations and gave fight fans something to think back on and say, “Where were you when the Rumble in the Jungle

Dana White Needs to Lay off the “IF’s”

Dana White is the master at avoiding questions with his “tricky” style of answering with the word “if” in there. Not only has Dana avoided questions about featured fighters and who they are fighting in the future, but has even went as far as already talking about Jon Jone’s next opponent before his UFC 151 fight with #1 contender Dan Henderson. White has already been talking about Jones versus Lyoto Machida

Jacare Souza is UFC Ready

Jacare Souza is a top contender in the middleweight division of mma and it’s time for him to see top level competition in the UFC. A highly anticipated rematch between himself and current champion Luke Rockhold is likely  in the future, but if Souza and his camp is smart, they will answer the phone when the UFC comes calling.