MMA Champions Wear Belts Not Medals

Its been a highly talked about subject in recent weeks, and why wouldn’t it be with the Olympics well underway while grabbing the attention of even the casual sports viewer? Yes I’m speaking on the topic of MMA as an Olympic sport. A topic that is sure to draw controversy from both sides of the debate.

Why MMA Succeeds Where Other Professional Sports Fail: 5 Fun Perspectives

Please understand this list isn’t trying to say that MMA is better than other sports. Clearly in my humble opinion it’s more entertaining than all the rest of them combined. In reality, every sport can say with pride why it has things to offer that the others don’t.Well here are five reasons why MMA transcends those reasons and is definitively, the greatest sport of all time.

UFC 149: Is Faber the Lebron James of MMA?

Once professional athletes reach a certain level, weird questions begin to arise about their ability to satisfy certain expectations.  Urijah “The California Kid” Faber is no exception these days. Since his dominant reign in the WEC he rocketed to stardom. His first fight with former UFC lightweight champ Jens “Lil Evil” Pulver was touted as the biggest Featherweight bout in MMA history at the time. I believe it still is

MMA Today: 1st Class Fighters, 2nd Class Payouts

The life of a fighter is a constant grueling  battle to climb to the top and stay there. Fighters scratch and claw their way up the local circuits in hopes of some day making that final step in to the big show. In MMA that final step of course is the UFC, and once there staying there is the hardest battle yet. Some are back on the regional circuit quicker than

UFC 149: Is Hector “Lightning” Lombard Ready for Anderson “The Spider” Silva?

Did you know Lombard fought Brian Ebersole in 2008? That’s one of the names I recognized on an impressive list of knockouts and submissions among his current 24 fight win streak. Of course if Ebersole is one of the top ranked names on his list, that isn’t exactly impressive for someone who is considered in line for a title shot against Anderson “The Spider” Silva.

For the Love of the Game: Mark Munoz Must Lose Tonight

Anderson “The Spider” Silva defended his belt at UFC 148 last Saturday against his most formidable opponent to date. Now the state of the middle weight division has found itself in a familiar place. It seems confusing when fighters start arguing about who should fight Silva next when the answer is simple. Make them fight each other until one man stands alone atop the hill in the division. So who

Enter the Mind of “The Spider”

Controversy sells. This is probably one of the simplest and most effective strategies of marketing. Controversy is used and manipulated in nearly every sales situation and usually takes its audience by storm. Nearly every sport uses this tactic. Rivalries and superstars colliding equates to huge ticket, advertising, and sponsorship sales. This has been a major piece of the rising success of MMA and the UFC.

The Strikeforce Situation: A Dilemma or Opportunity?

Fighters outside of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) have been arguing for their place in the sport for a long time now. Some get their shot, and some do fairly well with it. The fight game is a rough sport. Simply put every fight matters. Unfortunately, if you aren’t fighting known fighters, the quality of your record is questioned, and what’s worse, losing a fight to an unknown can significantly

Kryptonite to the Honorable Fighter: Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Performance enhancing drugs have always been a problem in sports. Most recently, Alistair Overeem has brought the issue back in to the spotlight in MMA. His eptistosterone/testosterone levels were significantly higher than the standard allowed. Just look at the before and after picture below and decide for yourself if a man could legitimately get from point A to point B in less than a few years. I used to think

All I want for Christmas: Ronda “Rowdy” Rousey vs. Cris “Cyborg” Evangelista

Cyborg has been an MMA household name since beating Gina Corano two years ago. In her last ten fights she has knocked out every opponent except one who she beat unanimously. She has yet to get in any trouble in the cage or need to rely on anything less than her basic tactic which is to overpower her opponents mercilessly until the fight is stopped. Until recently, she was the