The Ultimate Fighter 20: episode 11 – Best Job in the World

Before their fight Carla Esparza still expresses her belief that it was unfair for Tecia Torres to get a second chance in the show. Torres than talks about how she and Esparza were supposed to face each other. After Torres defeated Felice Herrig in their final match in Invicta FC, Esparza walked into the cage and called her out for their next match. She also talks about how she was expecting this fight to take place

The Ultimate Fighter 20: episode 10 – Fighting For Themselves

The episode opens with Aisling Daly and Justine Kish saying hello to each other in the morning with Daly mentioning that she isn’t in the house to make friends. Kish then goes to friend Daly’s opponent and Kish’s friend Jessica Penne and says she feels Daly doesn’t like her. Penne however wants to stay out of the drama in the house and concentrate on her training. She goes to the gym later that day and works primarily

MMA Freak Women’s Weight Class Rankings: November 2014

Please note that the rankings are voted on by a panel of MMA Freak writers and that the previous rankings (8/8/14) are in parenthesis: Featherweights 1) Marloes Coenen (2) – Former Strikeforce Women’s Bantamweight Champion – Defeated Annalisa Bucci recently in her Bellator debut. 2) Pannie Kianzad (4) 3) Julia Budd (3) – Recently signed with Bellator and is expected to face Marloes Coenen sometime next year, possibly for the title. 4) Faith Van Duin (5)

The Ultimate Fighter 20: episode 9 – Don’t Talk to Me

The episode opens up with Team Melendez deciding to party in celebration of backing up their sole quarterfinalist in Rose Namajunas and start to get a little on the rowdy side. During a sleepover, Tecia Torres is bothered by their loud behavior and moves rooms. The next day she trades rooms with Angela Magana and rooms with Heather Jo Clark. Then Team Pettis discusses the coaching situation and decides to split the team into morning and evening teams

The Ultimate Fighter 20: episode 8 – Scrapettes

The episode opens up with the members of Team Melendez deemed the “Scrapettes” meeting and discussing how to move former Team Melendez member Tecia Torres and Heather Jo Clark into the room with Lisa Ellis. Emily Kagan is chosen as the messenger. In the meantime, both teams go to “The Pond” at the Green Valley Ranch Resort to relax. When the Scrapettes leave, Clark and Ellis bring up the moving rooms question up to Torres who

The Ultimate Fighter 20: episode 7 – Risk It All

A rift has appeared within Team Melendez as Heather Jo Clark and Lisa Ellis has began to associate more with Team Pettis in the house and due to injuries sit out during practice sessions. Angela Magana and Emily Kagan bring up the matter with head coach Gilbert Melendez who acknowledges that if everyone was healthy and on the mat things might be different. In the meantime the remaining five members refer to themselves as the “Scrapettes”. This comes from the

Top 10 Women’s P4P fighters: November 2014

Due to inactivity Carla Esparza, Cristiane Justino, and Jessica Penne are ineligible. Previous rankings (10/1/14) listed in parenthesis: 1) Ronda Rousey (1)  It is now confirmed that Ronda Rousey will be facing Cat Zingano at UFC 184 on February 28, 2015 in Los Angeles at the Staples Center. It maybe redundant to say that Zingano maybe Rousey’s greatest challenge to date but considering the similarities between the two not really. 2) Michelle Waterson (2) Michelle Waterson will next be

The Ultimate Fighter 20: episode 5 – Coming To Get You

Heather Jo Clark explains to her teammates how the quarrel between her and upcoming opponent Felice Herrig because Clark doesn’t like how Herrig carries herself as a woman or fighter. She also explains that she doesn’t like the fact that Herrig initially turned her down. Later on Team Melendez has a team meeting when coach Gilbert Melendez wants to discuss the issues the team has with Clark. Angela Magana is the most vocal of the group talking about

The Ultimate Fighter 20: episode 4 – Make A Big Strike

The episode opens up with Urijah Faber stepping in to coach Team Pettis while head coach Anthony Pettis is at a prior commitment. Most of the team members find Faber’s coaching to be helpful and he is impressed with several fighters. He notes that Joanne Calderwood has skills that don’t match her rather gentle voice and he also grapples around with Carla Esparza in some moves. Later at the house, Angela Hill is farting around the house and has been

Top 10 Women’s P4P fighters: September 2014

Due to inactivity Carla Esparza, Cristiane Justino, Marloes Coenen, and Jessica Penne are ineligible. Last ranks in parenthesis: 1) Ronda Rousey (1) Ronda Rousey‘s next opponent has now been determined to be Cat Zingano who returned to action in come from behind fashion. However, the match may not take place at UFC 182 as originally planned if Zingano can’t get cleared before he medical suspension ends. 2) Michelle Waterson (N/A) “The Karete Hottie” Michelle Waterson successfully defended her