Women will be in the UFC, Deal with it!

New York City- a place where eight million people of different races, creed and orientations share a city only 300 sq. miles large.  I grew up there and because of that, I’m proud to say that I’m a bit of a social liberalist. I believe that our views change throughout history because we grow as a society.  We have to accept those changes or else become relics of our own

WMMA superstar Cris “Cyborg” should stop lying to herself and the fans

Cyborg has been a household name in women’s mixed martial arts since she knockout out Gina Carano in a Strikeforce main event in 2009. Carano was only one of many victims who eventually fell prey to Cyborg’s brutal reign over the WMMA landscape since she began her patented one sided slug fest back in 2005. On the last Strikeforce event of 2011, Cyborg only needed 16 seconds to knockout Hiroko

Dana White on Women Fighting in the UFC, “It’s absolutely going to happen”

The subject of women in mixed martial arts may be an old hat, yet in the last couple years the discussion has shifted to the conversation of women joining the UFC. Until lately, UFC President Dana White has said there simply aren’t enough women currently competing at the upper levels of the sport to create a weight class within his promotion. “There’s finally money to be made,” said Dana to

“The Karate Hottie” Has Officially Arrived

Gina Carano may have started the trend of beautiful women finding success in the sport of mixed martial arts, but she merely opened the door. Ronda Rousey was the first to cross the threshold and now after her, a new hottie has arrived. Michelle “The Karate Hottie” Waterson handles her business in the cage with vicious flying knees, up kicks, and a pouty lower lip that is best not underestimated

Strikeforce May Fold Soon: What Happens to Ronda Rousey?

With the cancellation of their October fight card and with their November 3rd card in trouble, is Strikeforce on the verge of closing down the UFC’s sister company? Watch the video below to see what Kenny Rice had to say on yesterday’s episode (or read it here) of Inside MMA: “Inside MMA’ has heard from multiple sources that the relationship between Strikeforce and Showtime may be coming to an end.

Invicta FC 3 in Review

Saturday night we witnessed the crowning of the first ever Invicta FC Atomweight Champion as Jessica Penne took out previously unbeaten Japanese star Naho Sugiyama. Penne looked to be the stronger fighter from the get go in this one and displayed that impressive power by catching a kick from “Sugi Rock” and pushing her to the floor. After gaining full mount she looked to have complete control, however the seemingly

October Fights That Will Keep you on the Edge of your Seat

October is a great month for fights with multiple cards to choose from and for those looking to find great action outside the UFC here’s 5 fights that will most likely have you talking. 1. Eddie Alvarez vs. Patricky “Pitbull” Freire – Bellator 76 Alvarez and Freire are 2 of the top 155ers currently outside the UFC. With a win streak that spanned two and a half years, Alvarez finally

All I want for Christmas: Ronda “Rowdy” Rousey vs. Cris “Cyborg” Evangelista

Cyborg has been an MMA household name since beating Gina Corano two years ago. In her last ten fights she has knocked out every opponent except one who she beat unanimously. She has yet to get in any trouble in the cage or need to rely on anything less than her basic tactic which is to overpower her opponents mercilessly until the fight is stopped. Until recently, she was the