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1 Anderson “The Spider” Silva is obviously the baddest dude of the middle weights, much less pound for pound in the world. He will be tested by the only man to almost beat him, Chael Sonnen, on July 7. I love how he dances around his opponents with silly gestures right before exploding in their face in brutal fashion.

2 Chael P. Sonnen is extremely irritating to some and a breath of fresh air to others. I would have to say I love his persona, just as long as he doesn’t dethrone the champ. I doubt he will be able to dominate Silva if he plans on walking towards him like he did against Michael Bisping. Either way Sonnen has out hustled everyone and deserves his place on this list while being the only man to almost beat Anderson Silva.

3 Michael “The Count” Bisping won his last fight against Sonnen, in my opinion. He landed the harder shots and wasn’t dominated on the ground. He should rebound with a win against a top five opponent when he recovers from his injury.

4 Vitor “The Phenom” Belfort is also out on injury and I would like to see him and Bisping in a title eliminator as soon as both heal up. Belfort is scary fast with a well-rounded ground game. He’s been in the sport since its beginning and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

5 Mark Munoz was thrown in to fights with the best in the world almost immediately in his MMA career. If he hadn’t fallen out of his title elimination fight with Sonnen last year, he could be the one fighting Silva for the belt. Even Sonnen felt similar when he stated in a post-fight interview that he was unsure he could beat Munoz since he had never beat him when the met in wrestling competitions.

6 Brian Stann

7 Hector Lombard

8 Tim Boetsch

9 Luke Rockhold

10 Alan Belcher