Junior Dos Santos fought Shane Carwin at UFC 131

1)      Anderson Silva

The king remains at the top of everyone’s mountain. I remember when people were giving Fedor the top spot over Anderson and George. It was a time in the sport where certain lessons had to be learned by the general public. One of these was seeing through the hype. The numbers never lie. Anderson Silva has an impressive list of statistical dominance. He will be facing the only man to win all the rounds against him in their previous fight. I’m guessing like last time, he will find a way to win and this time in a more dominating fashion.

2)      George St. Pierre

Aside from a whole slew of boring fights, GSP has secured the second place spot on most people’s rankings list. Since his injury over a year ago, the welterweight division he had cleared out has found new life with a new list of dangerous top contenders. If he can unify the title with Carlos Condit, he will have a list of qualified well rounded competition to challenge him.

3)      Jon Jones

Jon Jones was arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated after crashing his Bentley in to a tree yesterday morning. He is still far more disciplined and morally driven than most of us. And by the way he’s reportedly fine. His four fight route of high level competition in 2011 was considered more impressive by many than any other fighter’s single year accomplishments in the history of MMA. He will be fighting Dan Henderson in his next bout and it probably won’t be an upset.

4)      Junior Dos Santos

Brock Lesner’s career might have ended a fight early if he hadn’t pulled out of his bout with Junior after the stint on the Ultimate Fighter Show last year. Junior is undefeated in the UFC, one of the most dominant fighters in recent history, and continues to display a consistent ability to turn off his opponent’s bodies with one punch. He defends his title against Frank Mir next Saturday. I doubt he will lose any spots on this rankings list in the future.

5)      Jose Aldo

Jose Aldo is a human wrecking machine. His striking is dynamic and unpredictable, his confidence is visibly tangible, and he is running out of opponents just as fast as the other top fighters on this list and in some cases, faster. He will defend his title soon but what I want to know is who cares? I’ll wait and see if the Korean Zombie can derail him when they meet after his next fight.


Here is the rest on my list..


6)      Dominic Cruz

7)      Benson Henderson

8)      Cain Velasquez

9)      Joseph Benavidez

10)   Rashad Evans