Due to inactivity, Michael McDonald is currently ineligible. Also note previous rankings (1/7/15) in parenthesis:

1) T.J. Dillashaw (1)

T.J. Dillashaw is set to defend his title in a rematch against Renan Barao at UFC 186 on April 25th in Montreal. This is a chance to prove that Dillashaw was just that great rather than if Barao just had a down time that night.

2) Renan Barao (2)

Searching for redemption, Renan Barao has a chance to take his title back from T.J. Dillashaw at UFC 186. Barao has the chance to prove both that he just had a down night and that he can cut weight correctly.

3) Dominick Cruz (3)

Dominick Cruz is once again out of action with a knee injury that kept him from challenging T.J Dillashaw. It is unknown if Cruz will get an immediate title fight upon his return or if he will have to fight once again for a title shot.

4) Raphael Assuncao (5)

Because an ankle injury from December wasn’t healing, Raphael Assuncao had to bow out facing Urijah Faber. Assuncao is the logical next fight for T.J. Dillashaw should he win as he has a win over the champion.

5) Urijah Faber (4)

Urijah Faber will go up in weight for at least one fight to face Frankie Edgar on May 16th at UFC Fight Night 66. Depending on what happens between Jose Aldo and Conor McGregor, a move up in weight might make sense.

6) Takeya Mizugaki (6)

Following a dominating loss to Dominick Cruz, Takeya Mizugaki will fight Aljamain Sterling on April 18th. He will be stepping in for an injured Manny Gamburyan and it will be interesting to see how Mizugaki rebounds.

7) Bibiano Fernandez (9)

Bibiano Fernandez last defended his One FC Bantamweight title on December 5th but has nothing scheduled.

8) Eduardo Dantas (8)

Looking for a rebound, Eduardo Dantas will get his chance at a rebound against Mike Richman at Bellator 135. A win could easily earn a rematch against Joe Warren considering the weak talent pool in Bellator in general.

9) Joe Warren (10)

Joe Warren will defend his title against Marcos Galvao at Bellator 135 on March 27th in Thackerville, Oklahoma. Warren is the only fighter in Bellator to win title in different weight classes excluding tournament champions.

10) Marlon Moraes (7)

In a rescheduled match, Marlon Moraes defended his title at WSOF 18 on February 12th against Josh Hill. Considering World Series of Fighting’s schedule it’s possible Moraes may not fight until the summer.


The following fighter recieved votes and as such is considered a contender in the division: Johnny Eduardo