Please note due to inactivity, Dominick Cruz is currently ineligible for the rankings. Also note previous rankings (7/22/14) in parenthesis:

1. T.J. Dillashaw (1)

T.J. Dillashaw didn’t face Renan Barao at UFC 177, but he did have a good match with replacement Joe Soto and knocked him out. One has to admire Soto for giving Dillashaw more of a test then Barao, but it also shows that the champion is adaptable to adverse conditions.

2. Renan Barao (2)

It was certainly disappointing that Renan Barao lost his title shot due to an incorrectly attempted weight cut. Because of this, Dana White has said the former champion will have to earn a title shot. Probably against Dominick Cruz should be beat Takeya Mizugaki.

3. Urijah Faber (3)

Urijah Faber successfully rebounded from his loss to Renan Barao with a win over Alex Caceres but currently has nothing scheduled.

4. Raphael Assuncao (4)

As one of only two men to have a win over current UFC Bantamweight Champion T.J. Dillashaw, Raphael Assuncao could obtain a title shot with a win over Bryan Caraway. It would certainly be a marketable angle considering Dillashaw has been on fire as of late.

5. Michael McDonald (5)

Michael McDonald still doesn’t have anything scheduled despite being out of action since last December. Time is ticking on his relevance.

6. Eduardo Dantas (6)

Because of an injury earlier this year, Eduardo Dantas will be facing interim champion Joe Warren at Bellator 128 on October 10th. While Dantas is definitely the favorite, Warren has a history of pulling come from behind underdog victories so Dantas needs to look out.

7. Bibiano Fernandes (8)

With four more events scheduled this year in One FC, one would expect that Bibiano Fernandes would defend his title at one of them.

8. Takeya Mizugaki (7)

Takeya Mizugaki will be the litmus test by which Dominick Cruz is measured following almost three years off due to various injuries. A win over the former champion could propel Mizugaki to a possible title shot or Mizugaki to be a means to a quick title shot route for Cruz.

9. Marlon Moraes (9)

As was the case with T.J. Dillashaw, Marlon Moraes faced and defeated late replacement Cody Bollinger at WSOF 13, on September 13th. The key difference was that Moraes faced Bollinger in a non-title catch weight bout and was still able to overcome the TUF alumni.

10. Eddie Wineland (10)

Eddie Wineland doesn’t have anything scheduled but one could expect that he will see some action relatively soon given the time off.