Note due to suspension, Ali Bagautinov is ineligible for the rankings. Also note the previous rankings (11/29/14) are in parenthesis:

1) Demetrious Johnson (1)

Demetrious Johnson currently has nothing scheduled but logically his next defense would probably be Jussier da Silva should circumstances permit. Regardless of who he faces Johnson probably won’t fight until UFC 185 on March 14th which isn’t even talked about.

2) Joseph Benavidez (2)

His win over Dustin Ortiz on November 22nd puts Joseph Benavidez on a two fight win streak. However, due to his two losses to UFC Flyweight Champion Demetrious Johnson in the past, a potential title shot is probably a bit of a ways off.

3) John Dodson (3)

John Dodson is still out with an unknown injury of some sort which has put a possible title shot against Demetrious Johnson on hold.

4) Ian McCall (4)

Following his withdrawal from his UFC Fight Night 56 bout against John Lineker due to a blood infection, Ian McCall will face Lineker in their bout which has been rescheduled for UFC 183. It’s very fortunate that McCall was able to overcome the blood infection that quickly.

5) John Lineker (5)

John Lineker will get his fight against Ian McCall after all as their original UFN 56 bout is being rescheduled for UFC 183, January 31st.

6) Jussier da Silva (6)

Despite his withdrawal from his bout against John Moraga due to injury, Jussier da Silva is still the most logical challenger for UFC Flyweight Champion Demetrious Johnson. At this point he’s one of the only top ten flyweight fighter that Johnson hasn’t faced yet.

7) John Moraga (7)

John Moraga could potentially be considered for a title rematch, but at this point nothing is guaranteed in terms of the flyweight title hunt.

8) Zach Makovsky (8)

Looking for a rebound win, Zach Makovsky will be facing the up and coming Tim Elliot on February 14th at UFC Fight Night 60. Makovsky’s loss to Jussier da Silva maybe a little bit of a hiccup but expect him to rebound and come back to a potential title shot soon.

9) Chris Cariaso (9)

Chris Cariaso still isn’t scheduled for his rebound match from his loss to Demetrious Johnson in their title fight on September 27th.

10) Kyoji Horiguchi (N/A)

On an eight fight winning streak dating back to 2012, Kyoji Horiguchi will be facing Louis Gaudinot at UFC 182 on January 3rd. The former Shooto Bantamweight Champion has certainly established himself at flyweight rather quickly and could rise to a title fight potentially.


The following fighters received votes and are considered contenders: Brad Pickett, Louis Gaudinot, Dustin Ortiz, and Tim Elliot.