Demetrious Johnson. Pic by SHERDOG.COM -click for source- Credit: Dave Mandel

Please note the last updated rankings for the flyweight division were released January 4, 2014. Those rankings will be listed in parenthesis:

~ 1 (1) ~

Demetrious Johnson

There’s currently no word as to when Demetrious Johnson will defend his title next. However, considering his exceptional year, he’s getting what could be considered a well deserved break. His likely next bout would be a rematch with number one contender John Dodson.

~ 2 (2) ~

John Dodson

John Dodson was supposed to face Scott Jorgensen at UFC on Fox 9 but dropped out due to a knee injury. While there’s currently no word on when he would return or who he would face, his ranking as the number one contender in the UFC could mean a championship rematch.

~ 3 (4) ~

John Moraga

His first fight of the year was a successful rebound against Dustin Ortiz at UFC Fight Night 35. However, there’s a question of controversy in the judging as is the case with close matches but it’s likely he won’t have to rematch Dustin Ortiz because of a lack of title implications.

~ 4 (3) ~

Joseph Benavidez

Joseph Benavidez spent very little time off before getting set for a rebound at UFC 172 in April against opponent Tim Elliot who’s no slouch.

~ 5 (5) ~

Darrell Montague

Originally Darrell Montague was supposed to get his first fight of the year against Will Campuzano but an injury has set him back for a while.

~ 6 (6) ~

Ian McCall

Ian McCall had a long layoff but he’s now set to welcome ranked bantamweight Brad Pickett to the flyweight division at UFC Fight Night 37.

~ 7 (8) ~

Jussier da Silva

Following a loss to Joseph Benavidez in August of last year, Jussier da Silva is now set to face Scott Jorgensen at UFC Fight Night 38.

~ 8 (N/A) ~

Ali Bagautinov

Ali Bagautinov is now 3-0 in the UFC on an eleven fight win streak, but there were points when his fight with John Lineker was hard to watch. The best example of this was in the second round where he was circling on the outside of the cage and not really engaging.

~ 9 (7) ~

John Lineker

Once again John Lineker had weight issues but he was actually able to make it this time on the second weigh-in. He did put on a valiant effort against Ali Bagautinov at UFC 169 this last weekend especially in the second round controlling the center of the Octagon.

~ 10 (9) ~

Yasuhiro Urushitani

Yasuhiro Urushitani again fights in new promotional home of ONE FC against Adriano Moraes but a loss could bump him from the rankings.

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