Note due to suspension, Ali Bagautinov is ineligible for the rankings. Also note the previous rankings (12/26/14) are in parenthesis:

1) Demetrious Johnson (1)

With the UFC schedule set the way it is, Demetrious Johnson probably won’t fight again until around June unless an injury happens. At one point a super fight with at the time bantamweight Dominick Cruz was talked about but things aren’t ironed out at this point.

2) Joseph Benavidez (2)

Joseph Benavidez has nothing scheduled and it is unlikely he will earn a third fight against Demetrious Johnson anytime soon. For this reason he will probably be matched up against another top contender, possibly for a title shot if the situation were orchestrated correctly.

3) John Dodson (3)

It has been a while since John Dodson supposedly had an injury and even longer since his match against John Moraga last June.

4) Ian McCall (4)

Ian McCall is set to face John Lineker at UFC 183 on January 31st at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada on the prelims. McCall’s blood infection should be healed and assuming Lineker makes weight this time around, the match should be a very good one.

5) John Lineker (5)

Following their bout being scrapped due to Ian McCall‘s blood infection, John Lineker gets another opportunity at his greatest challenge. Lineker’s challenge before the match however will be to make weight without any second tries and hopefully without too much difficulty.

6) Jussier da Silva (6)

Jussier da Silva is one of two top contenders who has not faced Demetrious Johnson and would be the logical choice for the champion.

7) John Moraga (7)

To say the least John Moraga is climbing back up to a possible title shot should all of the timing be just right and assuming he wins bouts. It’s hard to imagine Moraga posing any legitimate threat though against Demetrious Johnson though considering his finish rate recently.

8) Zach Makovsky (8)

Zach Makovsky is looking for a rebound win against Tim Elliot on February 15th at UFC Fight Night: Thompson vs. Thatch in Colorado. Makovsky is a rising contender so regardless of how he fares against Elliot he will find a way to rebound and continue rising in the UFC.

9) Chris Cariaso (9)

Following his match against Demetrious Johnson, Chris Cariaso will be facing Henry Cejudo on March 14th at UFC 185.

10) Kyoji Horiguchi (10)

Kyoji Horiguchi recently faced Louis Gaudinot at UFC 182 and for the most part controlled the contender for all three rounds.