Due to inactivity, Ali Bagautinov is currently ineligible for the rankings. Also previous rankings are in parenthesis:

1) Demetrious Johnson (1)

Demetrious Johnson will be facing John Dodson in a rematch on September 5th at UFC 191 in Las Vegas, Nevada. This will be the labor day event for the UFC and should draw quite a crowd but may not be all that exciting.

2) Joseph Benavidez (2)

On a three fight winning streak, Joseph Benavidez will be facing rising prospect Henry Cejudo at UFC 191. While the prospect of a third fight with Demetrious Johnson is unlikely a win is crucial for the veteran.

3) John Dodson (3)

John Dodson will finally get his rematch against Demetrious Johnson for the UFC Flyweight Championship. It will be interesting to see if Dodson can indeed learn from his experience last fight as he made little if any mistakes.

4) Jussier da Silva (4)

Despite his recent winning streak, Jussier da Silva will need to fight once or twice more for the awaited title shot. He should get the next shot should he win and would either get a crack at Demetrious Johnson or a rematch.

5) Kyoji Horiguchi (5)

Kyoji Horiguchi still doesn’t have anything scheduled but will probably get a rebound match sometime soon. The question for Horiguchi is where he goes from here as there isn’t much room for upward mobility or a rematch.

6) John Moraga (8)

His fight against Joseph Benavidez at UFC 187 was a close loss and derailed any hopes of a title rematch soon. That was already unlikely due to Demetrious Johnson‘s domination of the flyweight division during his reign.

7) John Lineker (6)

John Lineker will officially be moving up in weight at UFC 191 on September 5th against Francisco Rivera. This is unfortunate as he had potential at flyweight and may have earned a title shot had it not been for his weight issues.

8) Ian McCall (7)

Looking to rebound, Ian McCall will face Dustin Ortiz on August 8th at UFC Fight Night: Teixeira vs. Saint Preux.

9) Henry Cejudo (N/A)

Henry Cejudo will be facing Joseph Benavidez in what will be the greatest challenge of his career at UFC 191. If Cejudo can capitalize on this using his superior wrestling he may propel himself into the title picture immediately.

10) Zach Makovsky (9)

At the present time, Zach Makovsky has nothing scheduled but will definitely be looking for a rebound win soon.


The following are contenders: Chris Cariaso, Wilson Reis, Justin Scoggins, Ray Borg, Will Campuzano