Note due to inactivity TJ Grant is ineligible for the rankings. Also note that the previous rankings from 1/3/15 are listed in parenthesis:

1) Anthony Pettis (1)

Anthony Pettis now has a confirmed title defense opponent and date in Rafael dos Anjos on March 14th at UFC 185 in Dallas, Texas. After spending most of 2014 off with an injury, Pettis is anxious for a quick turnaround against a tough opponent to say the least.

2) Khabib Nurmagomedov (3)

After spending most of 2014 out with an injury, Khabib Nurmagomedov is now scheduled to fight at UFC 187 against Donald Cerrone. This could finally earn the Russian a title shot against UFC Lightweight Champion Anthony Pettis.

3) Gilbert Melendez (2)

Gilbert Melendez has nothing scheduled but considering the UFC schedule and announcements that may change depending on factors.

4) Donald Cerrone (4)

With two wins under his belt for the year already, Donald Cerrone is now expected to face Khabib Nurmagomedov at UFC 187 in May. Should he win, expect him to be in title talks if not earning a title shot immediately as Nurmagomedov is also in title talks and is undefeated.

5) Rafael dos Anjos (7)

Rafael dos Anjos had a spectacular 2014 and is resulted in his earning a title shot against Anthony Pettis at UFC 185 on March 14th.

6) Benson Henderson (5)

On an unfortunate two fight slide, Benson Henderson is being matched against Jorge Masvidal at UFC Fight Night 63 on April 4th. One can only hope that the former UFC Lightweight Champion can get a rebound and set himself back onto the road for the title again.

7) Myles Jury (10)

Myles Jury was dealt his first loss by Donald Cerrone in the beginning of the month at UFC 182 and will be out on medical suspension.

8) Eddie Alvarez (8)

For his first rebound, Eddie Alvarez was supposed to face Benson Henderson on January 18th but pulled out due to personal reasons.

9) Josh Thomson (6)

Josh Thomson is currently on a two fight loosing streak and needs to win his upcoming match against Gilbert Burns on March 21st. This is an interesting career path for the former Strikeforce Lightweight Champion who almost got a title shot with Anthony Pettis.

10) Jim Miller (N/A)

To open the new year, Jim Miller will be facing Paul Felder on April 18th at UFC on Fox 15 in what will not be an easy match for sure.


The following fighters received votes for the rankings and as a result are considered contenders in the lightweight division: Will Brooks.