Please note the rankings are voted on by a panel of MMA Freak writers. Also note previous rankings (2/21/14) are listed in parenthesis:

1. Chris Weidman (1)

A setback minor surgery and the replacement of Vitor Belfort in his first post Anderson Silva title defense has led to Chris Weiman defending his title at UFC 175 and now facing Lyoto Machida who will prove to be an extremely challenging opponent.

Chris "The All-American" Weidman

Chris “The All-American” Weidman


2. Lyoto Machida (4)

Complications with Vitor Belfort’s licencing in the state of Nevada due to the ban of any and all TRT usage including exemptions has led to Lyoto Machida now getting his title shot at UFC 175 a bit early.

3. Vitor Belfort (2)

Vitor Belfort’s entire career is actually in question because it is unknown how his body will react to a lack of normal testosterone levels.

4. Anderson Silva (3)

As long as Anderson Silva isn’t competing he will continue to slide down the rankings until he becomes ineligible due to a lack of activity.

5. Ronaldo Souza (5)

Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza claims that he was injured during training for his fight with Francis Carmont and will be out for six weeks minimum.

6. Luke Rockhold (7)

After his win over Costas Philippou, Luke Rockhold now gets his delayed match with Tim “The Barbarian” Boetsch at UFC 172.

7. Mark Munoz (9)

Mark Munoz is set to face Gegard Mousasi at UFC Fight Night 41 and with both men coming off losses a win is needed for both men.

8. Michael Bisping (6)

Once again Michael “The Count” Bisping came up short when facing a more skilled opponent. His lack of a ground game is what is killing him in these types of match ups. Also he lacks any kind of true killer instinct in his hands as he has faced less skilled strikers and lost.

9. Tim Kennedy (N/A)

Michael Bisping isn’t the only big name opponent Tim Kennedy has defeated in his long and significant. However, he is the currently highest ranked opponent and it’s made Kennedy rather significant in a short amount of time. Expect Kennedy to only get better and face more foes.

10. Yushin Okami (10)

After getting his tuneup match with World Series of Fighting, you can be sure Yushin Okami will probably fight the inaugural World Series of Fighting Middleweight Champion after David Branch and Jesse Taylor fight for it at World Series of Fighting: Karakhanyan vs. Glenn.


The following fighters received votes for the rankings and are listed as contenders for middleweight: 11) Francis Carmont, Gegard Mousasi.