Chris Weidman (left) after his second match against Anderson Silva. Pic by Zuffa/UFC via Getty Images. Credit: Josh Hedges

Please note the rankings are voted on by a panel of MMA Freak writers. Also note the previous rankings (5/5/14) are listed in parenthesis:

1. Chris Weidman (1)

Following successful surgery on his knees, Chris Weidman is now set to defend his title at UFC 175 on July 5th against Lyoto Machida. This match will show how adaptable Weidman is when it comes to different styles because Silva and Machida are very different.

2. Lyoto Machida (2)

Lyoto Machida is looking to become only the third 2 weight class UFC champion in history should he defeat Chris Weidman on July 5th. In order to do so he needs to figure out what his Black House teammate Anderson Silva did wrong that he can do right against Weidman.

3. Vitor Belfort (3)

Though Vitor Belfort was willing to step in and replace Wanderlei Silva against Chael Sonnen, Sonnen’s drug test makes that impossible. However, there is still the issue of Belfort’s licensing in the state of Nevada with issues of his random drug test and the like.

4. Ronaldo Souza (4)

Ronaldo Souza should be recovered from the injury he sustained during his training camp against Francis Carmont so expect a return.

5. Luke Rockhold (5)

Taking recent events into consideration, Luke Rockhold’s desire to rematch Vitor Belfort may become a reality by the summer’s end.

6. Tim Kennedy (6)

Tim Kennedy’s win over Michael Bisping certainly gives him momentum but at the moment he has nothing scheduled in coming months.

7. Anderson Silva (8)

Comments from Anderson Silva that he would like to face Nick Diaz in early 2015 suggests that we could see both return at that time. Considering how much Silva has done for the UFC, if Dana White can convince Diaz to agree there’s no reason why White should say no.

8. Michael Bisping (7)

Michael Bisping is looking for a quick rebound win really soon at UFC Fight Night: Bisping vs. Le on August 23rd against Cung Le. However, Le is by no means an easy opponent and could very well be a better fighter then Bisping.

9. Yushin Okami (10)

Since his World Series of Fighting promotional debut, Yushin Okami is still on hold for another opponent which could very well be on NBC.

10. Gegard Mousasi (N/A)

Gegard Mousasi successfully rebounded against Mark Munoz and now has his sights on establishing himself in the middleweight division.


The following fighters received votes for the rankings panel and as such are listed as contenders for the middleweight division: Mark Munoz