Rory MacDonald and Robbie Lawler. Pic by SHERDOG.COM -click for source- Credit: Dave Mandel

Please note that the previous welterweight rankings were updated on January 17th and that those rankings will be listed in parenthesis:

~ 1 (1) ~

Johny Hendricks

Johny Hendricks is set for his championship bout at UFC 171 next month against Robbie Lawler to claim the belt that many believe is his. It is interesting to note that Hendricks is a more perfected version of his opponent in that they’re both wrestlers who specialize in striking.

~ 2 (2) ~

Carlos Condit

The number two contender in the UFC rankings, Carlos Condit is set to face Tyron Woodley at UFC 171 and could face the new champion. However, Woodley’s by no means a slouch and with his wrestling and improved striking with boxer Jake Thornton, he’s becoming dangerous.

~ 3 (3) ~

Robbie Lawler

Robbie Lawler is ready to cap off his career comeback at UFC 171 but will have a daunting task ahead of him in Johny “Big Rig” Hendricks. The question is whether Lawler can become a Cinderella man or whether he’ll become another victim of Hendricks’ heavy hands.

~ 4 (5) ~

Rory MacDonald

The Tristar Gym member probably pulled a Comeback of the Year candidate by coming back against Demian Maia after a dismal first round. Depending on how Carlos Condit does against Tyron Woodley, MacDonald may be next in line for a title shot or get the next chance.

~ 5 (4) ~

Jake Ellenberger

After injuries set back Jake Ellenberger’s 2014 debut, “The Juggernaut” is now set to face delayed opponent Tarec Saffiedine at UFC 172.

~ 6 (6) ~

Jake Shields

Like many of his contemporaries, Jake Shields is set to fight at UFC 171, but his opponent is that of dangerous striker Hector Lombard. Shields will need to try and out wrestle the heavy hitter.

~ 7 (7) ~

Demian Maia

Demian Maia definitely came out strong against Rory MacDonald at UFC 170, but couldn’t find his range or take downs after the first round. This marks the first time in his career that Maia has suffered back to back losses and now has to go back to the drawing board for a win.

~ 8 (8) ~

Tarec Saffiedine

His match up with Jake Ellenberger coming up at UFC 172 will definitely be Tarec Saffiedine’s largest challenge to date and will test him

~ 9 (9) ~

Ben Askren

Ben Askren is currently waiting on the fence until the inaugural ONE FC Welterweight Champion is determined, whom he will fight in May.

~ 10 (10) ~

Martin Kampmann

He is not retired but Martin Kampmann is currently sitting out on a break. Hopefully he returns soon but until he does he will be ranked.

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