Due to inactivity and suspension respectively, Cain Velasquez and Anderson Silva are ineligible. Previous rankings are in parenthesis:

1) Jon Jones (1)

Despite the controversy surrounding Jon Jones at the present, a contender has arisen in Anthony Johnson with an unspecified meeting date. Johnson in his last outing made Alexander Gustafsson easy and Gustafsson gave Jones the greatest challenge of his career.

2) Jose Aldo (2)

Jose Aldo will be the main event for the UFC International Fight Week when he defends his title against Conor McGregor at UFC 189.

3) Demetrious Johnson (3)

There a possibility that Demetrious Johnson will fight on Memorial Day weekend as he has said he wants to fight then. Unfortunately what was supposed to be a contender match between Ian McCall and John Lineker was marred by Lineker missing weight.

4) Chris Weidman (4)

Chris Weidman was injured once again but instead of an Interim title fight, Vitor Belfort has opted instead to wait for Weidman to heal.

5) Anthony Pettis (5)

It’s good to see Anthony Pettis defending his title so early after his comeback, now facing Rafael dos Anjos on March 14th at UFC 185. It is still hard to see if dos Anjos is indeed a legitimate threat to Pettis or not.

6) Ronda Rousey (6)

Ronda Rousey has publicly said that she considers her Feburary 28th UFC 184 opponent, Cat Zingano as her greatest challenge to date. This is understandable considering Zingano’s tendency to comeback from behind and her determination driven by her role as a mother.

7) T.J. Dillashaw (7)

Despite proving himself the first time, T.J. Dillashaw will face Renan Barao at UFC 186 on April 25th to prove the first wasn’t a fluke.

8) Robbie Lawler (8)

Robbie Lawler is essentially waiting for a defined welterweight contender to pull out from the pack with a match between Rory MacDonald and Hector Lombard being one possible match that could yield a title challenger. Overall time will tell who is chosen.

9) Johny Hendricks (N/A)

Looking for a rebound in pursuit of another title shot, Johny Hendricks will be facing Matt Brown at UFC 185 on March 14th.

10) Fabricio Werdum (9)

Fabricio Werdum is now expected to fight Cain Velasquez in a unification bout sometime in June in Mexico as originally expected. Judging from past statements made by Dana White, another injury from Velasquez may result in his being stripped of the heavyweight title.


The following fighters recieved votes for the rankings and as such are considered contenders for the pound for pound category: Renan Barao