As has been the case last year and on several other occasions, MMA Freak is opening the voting for the Annual MMA Freak Awards to you the readers.

This year there will be 10 categories and they are as follows:

Top 10 Upsets of 2020

Matches that resulted in the underdog coming out on top against the favorite. That can be dictated using any ranking system or by using the Vegas betting odds. It can also simply be a matter of fighter names.

Top 10 MMA Freak Articles of 2020

The staff at MMA Freak write hundreds of articles each year and post almost as many videos. They deserve to be recognized in that regard.

Top 10 Comebacks of the Year 2020

Making a comeback (put intended) is the Comeback of the Year category which is any match when a fighter was in trouble and was able weather the adversity and was able to win the fight, be it by a finish or decision.

Top 10 Breakout Fighters of 2020

These are fighters who went from being relatively or completely unknown to the general population to being a big name in the sport today. Please note that the highest ranking man and woman are given a runner up award.

Top 10 Men of 2020

This is a self explanatory award but these are the men who performed the best of this year. Suggest criteria include activity across the year.

Top 10 Women of 2020

Same as the above category except for the women with the same criteria.

Top 10 Moments of 2020

Any significant moments that took place in the MMA world over the year. This could be a title change, retirement, major announcement, etc. This was a crazy year so there are several events that should be on there.

Top 10 Knockouts of 2020

They could be crisp, violent, brutal, it doesn’t matter, a KO is a KO.

Top 10 Submissions of 2020

Submissions are unique in that a fighter maybe losing a fight and then come from behind with a finish on the ground or even standing.

Top 10 Fights of 2020

These are supposed to be the technical or fence swinging fights that made people stand and shout; that earned the Fight of the Night awards.

Fans may vote for up to 10 of every category ranking them from 1 to 10, 1 being the best. Every vote will count the same alongside those of MMA Freak writers.

Votes maybe submitted by either commenting on this article below, commenting in the thread, via any of MMA Freak’s social media profiles or via direct message to all of the above.

Voting will be open starting on Monday, February 22nd and may close anytime after Monday, March 1st at midnight.

As mentioned above, it was a crazy year and the MMA Freak staff want your voices to be heard just like last year.

Don’t miss out, vote now!

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