Michael Chiesa: Season 15's TUF Champion. Courtesy of Sherdog.com.

Saturday night ruined all my predictions. I was positive that Jake Ellenberger would win a dominant decision over Martin Kampann, Matt Sera’s protégé in Al Iaquinta would become the next Ultimate Fighting Champion and the TUF 12 winner Jonathan Brookins would break his losing streak in the big show. Don’t worry folks I don’t plan on retiring anytime soon, just don’t bet on any of my fight predictions until I manage to learn a few more things about this sport.

All these things didn’t happen and here is why. Jake Ellenberger put in a championship caliber performance, falling victim to the determined and brutal knee strikes of Kampmann. Give Kampann Johny Hendricks and have Ellenberger fight Josh Koscheck. Now here is my appeal: Please clear up the UFC Welterweight division by making your interim champ defend his title against someone. I would like to see one clear cut number one contender ready to face GSP upon his recovery. Please make this happen, as opposed to handing him one complacent top ten fighter after another over a period of years.

The Brookins loss is only a sign of the times in reality. The ultimate fighter reality show is not the only way in to the hearts of UFC fans these days. Therefore, a lot of talent is finding its way in through other means in to the UFC and at the end of the day, TUF glass is becoming noticeable brittle. Keep Brookins on the under card until he can put a win streak together and garnish some hype to support his TUF credentials.

The new TUF winner is Michael Chiesa. He locked in the rear naked choke, rendering Iaqinta unconscious in the third round in a fight he was on his way to possibly losing a decision in. If anyone deserves to win the competition it’s definitely Chiesa. With the loss of his father while living in the house, I can’t imagine the mental strain and emotional trauma he had to endure while competing at a high level is very impressive. Let’s see if he can break the recent TUF Winner curse that has seen a lot of failure and mediocrity.