Two time Olympian Cormier slams Barnett (Picture retrieved from

Daniel Cormier won the Heavy Weight Grand Prix title in dominant fashion last Saturday night. In a sport that is always looking ahead the question is already being asked in every major MMA media outlet, what is next for Cormier? Both Barnett and Cormier are the only fighters from the heavyweight division left in Strikeforce (SF) since Zuffa sent the heavyweights to the UFC last year. They each have one more fight left on their SF contract as well.

Let’s say Cormier defeats the mystery fighter sent over to the division to face him and is then sent to the UFC. There are a couple directions he could go in. For a man who is on 5’10’’ he is definitely a candidate for moving to the light heavy weight division. I honestly didn’t even think of this idea until I heard a recent interview by mmafighting’s Ariel Helwani with UFC President Dana White. Dana apparently would like to see Cormier move down to the light heavy weight division. His past sentiment on these types of statements has been he only offers suggestions to fighters and they must choose what is best for their career.

The concept of not trying to fix something unless it’s broken comes to mind since Cormier’s success is founded in the heavy weight class. He stopped Bigfoot and Barnett with relative ease. He isn’t the only undersized heavyweight in the world but definitely the smallest and the most capable of reaching light heavyweight.

With his wrestling pedigree and body type, it shouldn’t be too difficult to make the cut to light heavyweight. His extreme accuracy and speed would nullify any increase in speed he might have to contend with in a lighter weight class.

Here is where I choose to side with Dana on this one: If Cormier wants to think about his career and put himself in line for a title shot, the light heavyweight division is just Jon Jones standing on a mountain. That makes him extremely marketable for a title shot in a division without many options left for the champ. His best chance at getting a title shot is cutting to light heavyweight and bringing his undefeated record and strong wrestling credentials to the door step of Jonny Bones Jones. As a fan that is a fight I would pay to see.