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An mmaburner.com exclusive interview.

Dana White tweeted today that both Jose Aldo and Rampage Jackson are out of UFC 153 due to injuries. “Now Aldo is out with foot injury,” Dana Tweeted. “Main and co main in the same day!! Another amazing day at the UFC. We have some work to do.”

Edgar might not have to wait long for a new opponent though. Nik Lentz asked for a shot at the former champ immediately upon hearing the news. “I just got a text message from my wife and she said Aldo was out of his fight.” Soon after Lentz launched his request into the Twittersphere, posting, “I would happily take that fight with Frankie.”

Lentz recently dropped down to the featherweight division, dominating Eiji Mitsuoka by knockout in the first round.  Ironically, Edgar was headlining the same card. “Styles make fights and I feel our styles match really well,” said Lentz.

In a division that has struggled to find solid matchups for the now injured champ in Jose Aldo, this fight would be a very interesting bout to determine number one contendership. Although both men are new faces within the featherweight division, Lentz has already proven himself with a 5-2-1 (1) record in the lightweight division and a statement performance in his featherweight debut. And no one has any doubts that Edgar will be a force at 145 pounds.

Nik Lentz does not foresee Edgar struggling to adjust to his new weight class. “Frankie Edgar is one of the best fighters in the world,” said Lentz. “And he’s very professional so I would assume he enlisted the help of top notch guys….and he knows what he’s doing.”

“If they gave me that fight I would be super excited about it,” said Lentz. “I hope for the best. I don’t know what’s going to happen, but hopefully I’ll get a call from the UFC soon.”

Both fighters tasted success in a heavier class (lightweight), both have received Fight of the Night honors, and if there ever was a true challenge for Jose Aldo, it would be the man who walked out of this one with his hand raised. “I would assume if he [Frankie] fights at 145 pounds he would be stronger than ever, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.”