Mark Hunt

Pic by SHERDOG.COM -click for source- Credit: Dave Mandel

Edited by Tim Miller of MMA Explosion

Mark Hunt has been out of action and not training since he last prepared for Junior Dos Santos at UFC 160. The fight would either make or break Mark’s chance to get his title fight or at least one step closer to his goal.

Although coming up short, Mark is determined to get back to the top of the heavyweight mountain. After his fight with Junior though Hunt had noticed and was diagnosed with an out of control case of staph infection. His leg had to take several weeks to heal with no training allowed and essentially was stationed in bed.’s Adam Martin spoke with a well informed source to catch up on his health, recovery, and if he had anything lined up before the end of the year. Mark is apparently healed up now, and heading for camp in New Zealand on Monday.

Mark trains in Aukland,NZ under instructor Steve Oliver. After asking if there is any difference in training in New Zealand rather than here in the U.S were the majority of his fights take place since fighting for the UFC, the source stated that the the location was closer to Mark’s home than the states.

Boasting a (9-8) professional mma record, Mark was on a four fight win streak before running into a spinning head kick from Junior Dos Santos which ended his streak.

Also on UFC 160 the heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez and challenger Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva also competed in the main event slot. This would mark a rematch even though Velasquez exploded past Silva and quite possibly participated in one of the bloodiest fights in UFC history.

Just as the first meeting, Cain again stopped “Bigfoot” again and this time even fast. The win for both Junior and Cain would set up their trilogy in December later this year.

As for Mark, there was a question with who the UFC authorities might be matched up with next. A couple of names were thrown his way such as Stipe Miocic, and “Bigfoot” Silva. Obviously they went with Bigfoot, and the choice will make for an interesting match between contenders in the heavyweight division.

With both men coming off a tough losses, it is only assumed that with a win, it might take a couple of more after to regain top status in the division.

The fight is to be scheduled for the December 7, 2013 event in Australia.