Good morning MMA fans! We’ll recap the free fights from last night later, for now enjoy yours truly catching Cristiane “Cyborg” Justino fresh off her quick victory Saturday night in Costa Mesa, California.

Cyborg has made the south land her adopted home but doesn’t forget her roots. Moving to California years ago, she continues t0 carve and navigate her way through an increasingly competitive women’s mixed martial arts scene (in what’s arguably the twilight of her career). She hasn’t changed a thing and the Brazilian striker is still just that at heart, a Brazilian. A proud one at that.

Edson Valenzuela caught up with Cyborg immediately after her KO performance and captured her 1st message to her home country of Brazil and could hardly control his glee.

“Hey Brazilians! Thanks for all the support out there! I got another trophy for us! Ayyyeeee!”


Thanks to Invicta FC and it’s fine staff for quite a night of fights. Along with Tito Ortiz for posing for a sweet shot of that Cyborg jacket.



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