Randy Couture and Dana White

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One time face of the UFC, Randy Couture, and UFC president Dana White have always seemed to be great friends and business partners. Well, the friends part might be somewhat accurate, but the business part is the furthest from the truth.

UFC Hall of Famer Randy Couture has signed into a multi-year deal with Spike TV earlier this week. The deal consists of Randy being a property of Viacom, to appear in multiple projects for the cable channel, as well as other possible ventures within the media conglomerate’s family of networks.

Couture’s first role will be as a coach in the forthcoming Bellator MMA reality series, which begins shooting in February and airs later this year. Dana tweeted his excitement, but it actually turned out to be more sarcasm than actual support.

“Randy Couture comes off as the greatest guy in the world – Captain America,” White said. “He’s the furthest thing from it, and I’m happy that I don’t have to be in business with him anymore. Now I don’t ever have to be in business with him again.”

In 2007, Couture resigned from the UFC, citing discontent with the promotion’s management and a desire to fight Fedor Emelianenko. The dispute found its way into court, where Couture sued to free himself from a promotional contract and UFC parent Zuffa did the same to block him from signing with rival promotions.

It was then that White claims his opinion was set. “I would say when that whole lawsuit went down, when he lied about his numbers and lied about a lot of things, went into court and it didn’t work out for him, I say that’s when I really got to know him,” he said. “And when that whole thing went down, I was the guy he was attacking. It’s easy if you look at me and the way that I am in public, it’s easy to say, ‘Oh, this is the guy we can attack and make me look good.’ Of course, everybody’s going to side with Randy.”

~Final Thought~

Some newer fans may have been shocked by White’s comments, but looking back at Couture’s UFC career, you shouldn’t really be that surprised. Remember, this is the same guy that never fought for Strikeforce, but was headlined in their first (and only) video game. All I’m saying is there is a reason he works with “Sly.”