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The time was 4:35pm, the date October 11, 2012. Jon Jones the UFC light heavyweight champ via his twitter account reaches out to the fans asking “who would you guys like to see me fight next? The overwhelming response he got but probably never expected to receive was non other than the “American Gangster” Chael Sonnen.

Anybody who follows MMA and the UFC in general by now knows of the controversy surrounding the Jones vs. Sonnen saga, after all it was just last month that the first ever cancellation of a UFC event took place. Jones was scheduled to face one of MMA’s all-time greats Dan Henderson in a light heavyweight title match at UFC 151. However less than two weeks before the scheduled match “Hendo” was forced to withdraw with a knee injury.

Always ready to rise to the occasion Chael Sonnen much to the chagrin of many MMA purists stepped up and excepted the fight versus Jones on a mere eight days notice. Unfortunately it was not to be for the two time middleweight title challenger as “Bones” turned down the fight which in turn was the beginning of the end of the entire UFC 151 card.

As we all saw Jones went on to face Vitor Belfort at UFC 152 later that month and came within inches of having his arm tore clean off, yet Jones survived the attack and went on to defend his title for the forth straight time by way of a fourth round americana submission.

The UFC’s light heavyweight division is one stacked with big name stars but injuries and the unwillingness to fight has plagued the organization and it now appears Sonnen may end up getting his shot at the dominant champ.

After the amazing amount of responses in favor of a Jones vs. Sonnen fight poured in Jones appeared with a follow up tweet stating “The more I realize how bad the fans want to see me fight Sonnen the more I am beginning to disregard whether he deserves it or not”. Then shortly after he stated again via twitter “A part of me wants to do it for the fans the other part of me feels as if it delegitimizes the importance of championship”.

Never one to be shy of his words Sonnen also took to twitter for his response to the champ “You don’t GIVE. I TAKE. Remembah that, Bonesie-Boy”. This of course has the MMA world talking once again of the possibility of a Jones vs. Sonnen championship match.

UFC President Dana White was all for the meeting at UFC 151 and now it appears the match up is inevitable.

It was recently reported by www.mmajunkie.com that Dana was quoted as saying “I can tell you right now, I think they both want that fight,” and “I think there are other fights that make more sense but people want to see it. If enough people want to see it, I guess I’d have to make it.

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Watch the fun preview in the video below that was meant for Chael Sonnen vs. Jon Jones.