Imagine a million gobble necked turkeys all fatted up for thanksgiving dinner and as they quietly peck away at the dust, now enters the beast, Jorge Masvidal, into the welterweight division.

At some point, Masvidal took out your favorite fighter and the next one after that. Unless it’s a weight class he can’t physically touch, it doesn’t look like anyone feels safe where they stand within the top five. But that’s how it looks like it’s gonna go in 2020 and beyond.

On some level, who cares. He’s done something incredible and he did it by never selling out. Never changing his personality. I swear it’s no dig at Colby Covington. In fact, if you force my hand I would like to see Colby vs Jorge almost over the rest. Who dictates the pace in that one? I submit the answer is:


But this is such a crazy cool story my god look: it even has Nick Diaz very possibly coming back. Just give him the fight if that’s what he wants. But Masvidal is not someone like Anderson Silva out of his prime who he can afford to lay down. Maybe that makes it an incredible match up, in the end. That’s all it takes is okay wait let me circle back on google and check out the stats. Masvidal has only some close decision losses, ever.

He’s beaten this list in chronological order from most current to the past…

Nate Diaz

Ben Askren

Darren Till

Donald Cerrone

Jake Ellenberger

Ross Pearson

Cezar Ferreira

Daron Cruickshank

Pat Healy

Michael Chiesa

Tim Means

Kj Noons


Paul Daley

… to pick a few.

He kept saying he was going to put Askren away badly and he did. I look at someone like this guy and wonder about the BMF title and if it really signifies a change in society’s choice of fight narrative. But maybe nothing has changed. Masvidal promises to continue to finish fights. That’s not something I hear and see in a sport where everyone is a killer.

Even Conor McGregor knows he can’t even respond on Twitter to this man.

When was the last time an audience has seen a true weakness in the top contenders at 170? Masvidal carves his way through everyone right now and in a way he kinda always has. Kamara Usman is the fucking champion in the wake of the Georges St. Pierre era, which in my opinion has proven to be the best division and time period in MMA history. Usman’s grappling abilities are too strong and he’s never lost a round, Colby Covington picks a part every single opponent and has never lost a round. Both undefeated and fighting next. If there is a phantom of the Opera it’s Leon Edwards. He’s beating a lot of the hungry contenders just outside the top five and has done so for years. Sure mostly by decisions but that’s what everyone said about Masvidal at some point.

Nick Diaz is Jorge of old but in a weird way, when was the last time he really lost a fight? I don’t think he does any worse than drop close decision as well in a two-decade history of KO’s and submissions over the best.

But to be honest I hate having this conversation without the likes of Rory Macdonald in the mix anymore. Even though he did what he had to do. The money is necessary to risk your health for your family. When GSP looked done after a controversial and honestly and undeserved win over Johnny Hendricks. But both men are long gone from contention even though Hendricks would go on to win and Lawler would be the man to take the belt from him after beating Macdonald that night.

Then the greatest fight of all time (in my opinion) happened a fight or two later when Macdonald and Lawler faced off in the center of the cage with blood gushing and sweat pouring and the crowd getting on their feet and Big John Mcarthy standing there like he was on the moon because what was this? It is the golden age of the Octagon at 170lb’s