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JDS and number one contender Cain Velasquez are set to square off for the UFC Heavyweight title, but will Alistair Overeem’s mind games effect JDS before or if these two ever meet?

JDS knocked out former champ Velasquez very fast in the first round on UFC Fox 1 and was scheduled to face Overeem before a wrench was put in that fight.

Since then, Overeem has been speaking his mind about JDS and how he thinks the champ is avoiding him. JDS is a very humble fighter and Overeem is releasing a side of the champ fans have not seen up to this point. This may or may not bode well for Overeem.

He could get in the champs head so bad that JDS mistakenly overlooks Velasquez and loses his title in a highly anticipated rematch. Or he could make the champ so mad that he destroys Velasquez and then demolishes the “Demolition man” himself. Either way, Overeem is in the head of the champ and it shows.

“I knew [Cain] Velasquez was the contender, but if UFC wanted me to fight [Alistair] Overeem I’d gladly shut him up because he’s been saying a lot of crap, he’s been learning from Chael Sonnen… I’m tired of these guys who think they’re so big, so strong, so bad and that people will get frightened by them because they look bad. There’s no such thing anymore. We’re athletes and the winner will be the one who trains the most. That’s what I have to say about it… I really told Dana White I’d love to fight Overeem. Beating Overeem, actually. That’s what’s going to happen when this bout actually happens. It would be a pleasure. From the way I see it, he didn’t deserve a title shot. Cain deserves it and that’s why we’re fighting. Overeem deserves a beating and I’m going to arrange that.”

Watch the video below as Dana White recounts his talk with an angry JDS right after it occurred.