Fighting stances.

Do you take them for granted?

Holly Holm and Conor McGregor didn’t. Today they reign supreme.

Both McGregor and Holm won their title bouts, against Jose Aldo and Ronda Rousey respectively, throwing hard lefts.

You don’t have to be a southpaw to get in a powerful left. Holm caught Ronda with a slick and quick lead left head kick and she’s not a southpaw.

What is a southpaw anywho?

Most people are right handed and if asked to put up their dukes will get into a conventional right handed stance. That is, they’ll stand with their left toe closer to their opponent and their right toe farther away.

Southpaw would be inverted, the right toe forward.

Feet placement is just about universal and the stance itself may vary from one discipline to another. All martial arts involving striking with fists, arms, legs, and/or feet are based in the same fundamentals.

When in a conventional stance, using boxing terminology, a fighter jabs with their left fist and throws a straight with their right fist. Here is Georges St. Pierre, a gentlemen who should be everyone’s favorite Welterweight ever, executing a jab and straight in quick succession against Thiago Alves.


Known colloquially as “L’sûr un deux” in Quebec.


In either stance the power strikes typically come from the arm and leg that’s furthest from their opponent.

Sometimes, though, a right handed combatant in an exchange with another fighter will turn their hip just right and land a solid left hook that puts their opponents lights out.

This was precisely the case for Wanderlei Silva at Pride 33 when Dan Henderson tucked him in for Beddy Bye at the Thomas and Mack Center in Las Vegas.




Former UFC Heavyweight Champion Frank Mir looked like he was almost through early in the first round at UFC Fight Night 71 last year.

Todd Duffee was ready to pour it on and lunged in full force. That’s all Mir needed to catch the prospect with a pounding counter left, leaving Duffee prone and out in the center of the octagon.



That was quick so here you go again. Take it in.




Duffy and his looping lead hook met nothing but air and he tried to follow with a straight left; Mir’s left was just a little straighter as he stepped toward Duffy while on his heels.

A relatively stationary fighter finds throwing a jab to help judge the distance relative to their opponent, as well as help ward off and discourage any incoming attacks, can be extremely helpful. But throwing a LAZY jab? Nate Quarry did so in his title fight against Rich Franklin at UFC 56 and learned what exactly happens when you try to pit-pat your way through a Professional MMA match.



Quarry is a righty, maybe he just didn’t see Franklin’s left straight coming, but even other Southpaws aren’t safe.

At UFC 28 John Lewis throws some of the most lackadaisical jabs ever in a prize fight meanwhile Jens “Lil’ Evil” Pulver sends Lewis the bill AND makes him pay the price.




Lewis and Pulver are both lefties.  Like Duffy, Lewis was hit and dropped while in a southpaw stance.

It’s sited by many right handed combatants that facing a southpaw can be tricky. Their stance angles their strikes in such a way that right handed fighters might not expect, or even see, certain attacks before it’s too late.

This unpredictability combined with sound striking technique creates fireworks in the cage/ring.

Veronica Macedo showed this in spectacular manner against a right handed opponent.  A head kick KO that is undoubtedly one of the most impressive in Women’s Mixed Martial Arts short history, it lands with such force a loud clap can be heard reverberating throughout the Octagon Centre at the University of Sheffield in England.


Best Female/Women Mma Knockouts - 2013&2014


God save the queen indeed.

The fights not long but if you’re a glutton for violence, perhaps reflect on why that is, and then do yourself a solid and:

Play then pause the video right away, turn your speakers up to loud, and then skip to :37 and let her rip.



Images courtesy of the fine people over at Zuffa.