So now that the event is over, I uploaded some more pictures I was able to take with many of the great people we know and love in the sport of MMA. I would have to say the highlight of my night was being graced with a side hug from Ronda “Rowdy” Rousey who was running out of the building and apologizing for not being able to stop for pictures with fans. She then caved in to some of us obnoxious fans and that’s why our athletes are the greatest in the world.

The other moment in the night I’ll never forget was when Black House’s head trainer Ed Sours walked in to the building. No one recognized him, which blew my mind. I yelled at him for a moment of his time to take a picture (I’m sure my drunken rant was less than gracious), and he laughed and told me he would come right back.

He then walked around the cage to coach one of his Brazilian fighters who was in the middle of his first round bout. Once the fight ended, Ed came back around and took a picture with me! I’ll never forget the night and all the fighters, coaches, referees, and Jared Allen who took time to make some memories for bums like us. Oh yah, he was there as well and a nice guy to strangers.

Favorite heckle of the night that got everyone laughing: Arianny Celeste I love you! I follow you on twitter!”

By Gabe Keith ~ Senior Writer

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