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Famed member of the first family of MMA Rickson Gracie is bringing a new promotion into the mix with the intention of bringing new life to Vale Tudo. Mestre do Combate is set to host its inaugural card on November 22nd in a location well known for its warrior spirit, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

For this new venture Gracie is diving into we will see some big changes both in format and in rules. Unlike the old days of Vale Tudo in which there were no rules, Mastre do Combate will operate with some style glimpses of the old and the new.

The resurgence of Pride style rounds will be implemented by Mastre do Combate. Two rounds consisting of a ten minute first round and a five minute second round will make up the match. Add to that there will be no way for a fighter to be “saved by the bell”. If a fighter appears to have his opponent rocked by strikes or in danger with a submission the round will continue beyond the time limit until a finish or the injured fighter is able to escape harm. And where it gets most interesting is no winner will be decided by points. If a fight goes the distance Rickson Gracie himself along with he audience will decide the winner of the fight. I guess we will find out if the fans of fighting really do know better than the judges.

A big change we will see in terms of format that differs from what we are accustomed to with modern day MMA is fighters weighing in the same day of the fight as opposed to the day prior. Gracie describes this as an effort to discourage fighters from the drastic and sometimes dangerous weight cut they would normally go through in effort to come in under the limit. It should give us a look at a more pure form of fighting as the competitors will be coming into competition at peak health and a more natural weight. Of course there is cause for concern that some may try to cut and rehydrate all within the day of the fight, but it remains to be seen how the change will effect the mind set and performance of the individuals coming into battle.

Where it gets even more interesting is that Mestro do Combate will be using a team format similar to that of the now defunct IFL. Brazilian cities will be represented by teams of five fighters, one from each division ranging from lightweight to heavyweight. With this format winning teams are determined by the first to compile three individual wins. The winning team will then move on to the next Mestre do Combate event.

This certainly seems to be a promotion full of new and developing ideas that will greatly appeal to the hardcore fans of the sport and hopefully can also draw in the casual or newly interested audience as well.

MMA Freak will bring you all the details as they become available so make sure to check back often in the lead up to the inaugural event in November.