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Gina Carano may have started the trend of beautiful women finding success in the sport of mixed martial arts, but she merely opened the door. Ronda Rousey was the first to cross the threshold and now after her, a new hottie has arrived. Michelle “The Karate Hottie” Waterson handles her business in the cage with vicious flying knees, up kicks, and a pouty lower lip that is best not underestimated in its resolve and determination to take out everyone in the 105lb atom weight division.

Of Thai decent, Michelle was born in 1986 in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She began a hobby in karate at the age of ten and eventually earned her black belt in American Free Style Karate. Before finding the sport of MMA, she learned her sick fluid striking skills through training in WuShu and Muay Thai as well.

Between her time as a contestant on the Muay Thai-themed Fight Girls reality show on the Oxygen channel and an episode of MTV’s Bully Beat Down show, she has become a celebrity in her own right.

But neither of those accomplishments is responsible for landing her the number five ranking of the world in the atom weight class according to the Unified Women’s MMA Rankings. In fact, she is 10-3 professionally while currently riding a four fight wins streak.

Her most recent fight was against Lacey Schuckman (7-5), which ended in a hard fought split decision victory in her favor at Invicta FC 3. Favored as a heavy underdog against Schuckman, the Karate Hottie caught Shuckman rushing in with a strong right hand that leveled her opponent, only to run in to Schuckman’s strong wrestling and suffocating top game.

Almost every time she staggered Schuckman, Michelle would find herself dragged to the ground and dominated. In the end, she was able to weather the storm and deal out the most effective strikes which I believe won her the fight and in my opinion, has set her up as possibly the next face of women’s mixed martial arts.

Watch the full fight at the InvictaFC 3 event between Lacy Shuckman and Michelle Waterson in the video below.


In what might be her biggest asset in the sport, she trains at Jackson’s MMA where one will find many of the sports current champs, alongside coaches who provide their fighters with the most effective game plans and the best chance at walking away with their hand raised at the end of the day.

Many stipulate that Michelle Waterson will be granted the first shot at Invicta’s newly crowned atom weight champion in Jessica Penne (10-1). Both women fought on the same card where Penne submitted the previously undefeated top contender Naho “Sugi Rock” Sugiyama to capture the first ever atom weight title under the Invicta FC banner. Which by the way was an extremely entertaining fight card that saw ten of the fourteen fights ended before the final bell.

While it remains to be seen who’s next for either women, the Karate Hottie does not appear to be looking past her fight career, regardless of her time spent as a model or the possibility of an acting career that drew away Gina Carano a couple years ago. I think it’s is safe to say she will make waves in her division and the world of MMA for years to come.

By Gabe Keith ~ Senior Editor

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