Chael Sonnen. Pic by SHERDOG.COM -click for source- Credit: Marcelo Alonso

After Team Silva’s victory there’s a little disagreement between two Team Silva fighters. Head Coach Wanderlei Silva has to mediate between the two and the situation is quickly resolved. Shortly afterward Silva announces the picks for the first heavyweight fight between Team Silva’s Antonio Carlos Junior and Team Sonnen’s Edgard Castaldelli.

Initially coach Chael Sonnen thinks that Castaldelli may actually have the advantage in this fight. In the house the two fighters get along just fine as there is a mutual respect and both also respect the other’s skills.

The two fighters go over various events in their lives that motivate them to do their best on the show. For Junior, he talks about how his father dropped him off at the airport and wished him well on his desire to become a UFC fighter and his journey on The Ultimate Fighter.

He also talks about how his mother generally doesn’t like her son getting punched, even in the cage. Edgard on the other hand is motivated by the fact that his son is coming into the world soon. He also recalls how his wife could very well deliver while he’s filming the show.

During the training sessions, there are a few exercises that the guest coaches start to institute. On Team Silva, Guest Coach Isabel Salgado has the team stand in a circle and toss volleyballs around to help with peripheral vision. With Team Sonnen on the other hand, Hortencia Marcari illustrates the concept of the team nature of The Ultimate Fighter but the individual nature of the sport as well with basketball exercise.

Then in a surprise afterwards, Sonnen teaches Marcari some swing dancing, calling it “an American dance.” Later on back at the house, members of Team Sonnen talk about how Sonnen’s a nice guy and good coach but at the same time they will cheer for Silva in the end.

Weigh-ins go down without a hitch but it is notable that Junior weighed in at 209.5, extremely light for a heavyweight. Despite this the match lasts less then twenty seconds as Junior rocks and then finishes Castaldelli extremely quickly. Sonnen feels sorry for Castadelli because of the fact that he wasn’t able to showcase his skills at all.

Then in a throwback to the early seasons of The Ultimate Fighter, a game is held between the two teams to determine the next fight picks. Team Silva successfully wins the mud soccer match and retains fight control.