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Frankie Edgar won the fight last night, but not according to the judges. Well that’s not entirely true. One judge scored the fight 49-46 for Edgar and the other two 48-47 consecutively for Benson Henderson by split decision. I’m sorry but the judging has become such an issue, it’s almost unavoidable at this point.

How can one judge score a dominant performance for one fighter and the other two completely disagree? There should be more continuity in judging and something tangible needs to be done soon to correct the problem in my opinion.

UFC President Dana White stated that fighters shouldn’t leave the decision up to the judges and he’s right. But it shouldn’t be like that. Dana also loved the news of recently retired UFC veteran Ricardo Almeida who I believe became the first fighter to turn judge. That may be what the sport needs.

Regardless, Benson Henderson won his first title defense last night and breathed new life in to the lightweight division in the UFC.  Not only is Henderson scheduled to fight Nate Diaz next, but Donald Cerrone will be fighting Anthony Pettis for number one contendership in the lightweight division after his dismantling of Melvin Guillard in 76 seconds of round one in the co-main event last night. That should be a scrap for the ages.

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Ironically, whoever wins that match will set up another rematch in a division that has been getting carried away with letting guys duke it out multiple times for the belt. Both Cerrone and Pettis have fought Henderson. Of course it was in the WEC at the time, but either way it will create a respectable number one contender for Henderson.

Jake Shields laid and prayed on Ed Herman for their entire fight. I’ve never been a diehard fan of that style but if you can’t defend the take down, you will be exploited in that area. Hence the term: Mixed Martial Arts. Yet I tend to pay for fights, not wrestling matches, so I guess it’s up to fighters to choose if they want to be superstars and risk going out on their swords, or grind it out and never truly gain momentum. Either way it’s their choice. I’ll always pay for a Jon Jones fight over a George St. Pierre bout though.

Hats off to Nik Lentz for blowing through Eiji Mitsuoka. In less than one five minute round he effectively put the UFC featherweight division on notice. “Once I grabbed him I knew I had that fight won,” he said in an interview with Arial Helwani from MMAFighting.  From one die hard Minnesotan to another, please bring a belt back to the State of 10,000 lakes! God knows the Vikings won’t be making splashes in the play offs this year.

Watch highlights from last nights fights below.