Our staff at MMA Freak will be tweeting during the fights and leaving comments here as well. Read below for updates on all the action from tonight at UFC 154. Also, Anderson Silva will be at the fights and although he denies it, show up here first to find out if he ends up calling out GSP at the end of the night!!

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Watch highlights from UFC 154 in the video below.

Video courtesy of the UFC.


~Siler vs Elkins~

Darren Elkins beat Steven Siler via unanimous decision

~Menjivar vs Gashimov~

Ivan Menjivar beat Azamat Gashimov by armbar submission

~Riddle vs Maguire~

Matthew Riddle beat John Maguire via unanimous decision

~Carvalho vs Damm~

Antonio Carvalho beat Rodrigo Damm by split decision

~Stout vs Makdessi~

John Makdessi beat Sam Stout by unanimous decision

~Diabate vs Griggs~

Griggs rushes out and chases Diabate down. Swinging wildly he is unable to connect. Diabate catches him coming in with a straight left and drops him. From their Griggs went in to survival mode but was unable to stop Diabate from dealing out some serious ground and pound and eventually taking his back and submitting him in the first round by rear naked choke.

~Cote vs Sakara~

WOW well these two came out swinging and both men absorbed punishment early. Both mixed it up with elbows, knees, and fists. Then not far in to the first half of the round, Sakara lands a couple brutal elbows and Cote goes down. While Cote is on all fours, Sakara starts dropping hammer fists from the standing position all over Cote’s unprotected head and Cote drops unconscious. Many of the punches were landing illegally on the back of the head. So after a couple minutes of confusion after the bell, Cote wins by disqualification.

Main Card

~Hominick vs Garza~

Both men come out swinging right away in the first. Garza seems to be getting the better of Hominick by mixing up his striking with a steady stream of high and low kicks and punches. Hominick rocks Garza and from there it goes back and forth as both fighters start dealing out an incredible amount of damage to each other. Garza almost goes out from a sick body shot and Hominick almost gets arm barred. Either way the round ends.

The second round begins and both men are scrapping. The first round was difficult to gauge a winner but Garza was able to take Hominick down early in the second and control him with good ground and pound throughout the round. I can’t believe this is going to a third.

Garza is starting to run away with this one. He’s dominating Hominick on the ground for most of the round and Hominick is unable to get out from under Garza or avoid some serious ground and pound. Garza wins by unanimous decision. FIGHT OF THE NIGHT IS WRITTEN ALL OVER THIS ONE!!

~Bocek vs Dos Anjos~

The first round comes and goes and both fighters seem fairly evenly matched. They mix it up with strikes and both defend each other’s take downs. It should be interesting to see who finds an advantage in the later rounds since both seem very aware of what the other brings to the cage.

The second round begins and after a minute goes by, Bocek soccar kicks Dos Anjos right in the balls. Dos Anjos takes a brief break then amazingly recovers and the fight continues. Dos Anjos aggressively secures a take down and transitions to a really awkward north to south position and is searching for an armbar. Halfway through the round Bocek pops back up but is dragged back down to the ground about 20 seconds later. Sloppy wrestling continues until the second round ends with Dos Anjos as the aggressor. It looks like Bocek is trying to survive and is bloody and eating shots as the second round comes to an end.

The third round begins is more Dos Anjos as he continues to dictate the pace by dominating Bocek on the ground. The fight ends and Dos Anjos wins by unanimous decision.

~Carmont vs Lawlor~

Much of the first round is spent with both these fighters grappling against the cage. They test each other’s striking a bit and with about 20 seconds left in the round, Lawlor pulls guard and sinks in a wicked guillotine choke and yet is unable to hold it as Carmont pops his head out and the round comes to an end.

Lawlor is landing a few punches and Carmont is mixing it up in the striking department and defending well against Lawlor’s takedowns. Personally I didn’t expect Lawlor to fight this competitively and with a minute left in the second round he takes Carmont down and moves to side control. They roll a bit and Lawlor winds up on the bottom with what seems to be a solid guillotine choke sunk in once again and once again Carmont is able to break free as the round comes to an end.

The third round begins and Carmont is trying to gauge Lawlor’s distance by throwing jabs and hanging his lead hand out in front of his opponent. Lawlor backs Carmont to the cage and works hard to secure a takedown but is unsuccessful and the referee resets them in the center of the cage. Lawlor is ducking and bobbing out of danger as Carmont is still unable to land successfully but Lawlor is unable to threaten Carmont as well. This one seems to be in the bag for Lawlor as the final round comes to an end. Carmont wins by split decision. I didn’t see that one coming.


~Kampmann vs Hendricks~

Hendricks enters the cage first. He’s fired up and definitely seems ready to go. Kampmann looks calmed yet extremely focused. JUST LIKE IN THE FITCH FIGHT HENDRICKS DROPS KAMPMANN UN FUCKING CONSCIOUS!! GOD DANG!! Definitely KO of the night! He through a straight right followed up with a straight left that floored Kampann to the ground and was able to land one punch on his downed opponent before the ref stops the fight at 46 seconds of the first round. Hendricks by KO. 

Hendricks starts doing the discount double check motion immediately after winning and in his post fight interview adamantly implores the crowd to support his bid for a title shot against GSP.

~St-Pierre vs Condit~

GSP enters the cage and does a cart wheel and starts shaking out some long needed kinks in his body I’m guessing. Condit looks intense as he paces back and forth, never breaking his gaze from the man across from him. The round starts and both men exchange some good combinations but neither land anything significant. GSP takes Condit down after a minute or so in the first and Carlos is hunting for subs but GSP is avoiding getting caught in them very efficiently. The first round ends with the story being ground and pound by GSP. Condit struggled with GSP’s strength and grappling ability and is bleeding proficiently from an elbow just above his right eye.

GSP is displaying an impressive striking attack on Condit. He even caught Condit coming in with a flying knee. Condit throws a sloppy leg kick with two minutes left in the second and GSP takes him down immediately. Condit is bleeding a lot as blood pools on the ground around the combatants. Condit is covered in blood and fired up as the second round ends.

Carlos catches GSP and GSP goes down! He is trying to hold on to Condit as Condit deals damage in his guard! GSP regains his composure miraculously getting back to his feet. Condit is tired and GSP is fired up now. He taked Condit down with ease and at this point both are tired at the halfway point of the third round. The round ends with GSP maintaining control but now both men are bloody and bruised!

The fourth round begins and GSP takes Condit down and moves from guard to half guard and back to full as he continues to vie for positioning. Condit is landing good shots from the bottom. Condit tries to secure an armbar then a triangle and GSP postures up and breaks free. He then reigns a couple strong blows down on the interim champ and returns to the guard of Condit. They return to the feet and GSP gets taken down but reverses Condit. The round ends the way the rest of them have with GSP on top.

Condit’s corner is telling him he’s gotta KO the champ to secure a win and that is definitely the case. The round starts out with both fighters throwing blows. GSP shoots for a takedown with 3:40 left in the fight and gets Condit down but Carlos gets right back up. Carlos starts landing a bit and GSP eats a few solid punches. GSP lands a good combo half way through the fight and he takes Condit down quickly after the fact. Taking side control GSP seems to have this fight all but wrapped up at this point. The crowd start Ollaying again in celebration for what seems to be their country man’s victorious return. GSP finishes on top.

GSP wins by unanimous decision.

In the post fight interview Joe Rogan asks GSP if he will consider taking a fight with Anderson Silva. GSP dances around the question as usual and leaves a dominant GSP in full health and definitely a threat to be reckoned with in the division.

Watch highlights from UFC 154’s post fight presser in the video below.

Video courtesy of the UFC.