But can they stay healthy in time for their show-down in April?

There are many possible reasons The Eagle and El Cucuy become injured when scheduled to fight each other. It feels like a fight-ending injury is more likely to occur when these two face off. Maybe it is safe to say both men know it is empirically necessary to show up to this one than when facing other UFC opponents.

The fundamental reason these two wake up and train to the point of breaking is not a safety oversite. Remember, the goal of a champion is to become capable of attaining success and sustaining it.

The entire fight camp is all geared towards creating a single purpose-filled being. At the end of one specific day, living within a single moment in time, one man stands over another.

The winner, whether Tony Ferguson or Khabib Nurmagomedov, will be the greatest undisputed MMA light-weight fighter of all time.

In mixed martial arts competition at the highest levels, there is no dishonor in defeat. You wouldn’t know it the way these two men have fought up to this point. They have dominated everyone.

Right now I’m sure they take their journies very seriously. Two incredible records are on the line. In a very serious sense within the fighting narrative of our species, this is the last of a very serious battle among the UFC’s best group (possibly across all MMA eras) of 155-pound competitors over the last few years.

For the first time in almost a decade for one man and never for another, one will fall and watch the other rise above the imagination of millions who will believe they are looking at one of the greatest of all time.

Khabib can and very well might remain undefeated and beat the other most dominant lightweight in UFC history. I’m sure this is the most anticipated outcome but I hesitate to agree. The MMA math here spells mostly violence and anything can happen in the chaos of fighters truly fighting.

Khabib went from wrestling bears in a 90’s tracksuit. Side note: check it out on youtube. To evolve into the best grappling competitor in the sport. His ground and pound is difficult to watch without cringing in the wake of its brutality. But then he throws that straight right. It dropped Conor Mcgregor as they stood exchanging blows in the middle of the cage. The list of competitors defeated by this man is pretty much everyone except the boogeyman himself.

Tony will not shy away from running right into the competitor in front of him, falling right into a takedown attempt by Khabib. Upon the success of a takedown, will Khabib’s wrestling abilities suppress and evade Tony’s submission skills? Consider this: Tony looks like he could bend metal with his technique and he torques his opponent’s bodies in devastating exactness until they tap and they usually do. But can he pull it off this time? He will be given an opportunity as long as no one becomes injured before the big date.

Ironically the way some of the injuries ruined two of the previous matchups between these two was from bad tiramisu for Khabib one time and an unfortunately placed step by Ferguson on some wires at a UFC event for another disappointing fight date cancelation.

Believe me and anyone else who will tell you, these two want this one over all the others. The Eagle will try cementing the ultimate undefeated legacy. For Tony, it steals the legacy of Khabib for himself. Understand this is not another lightweight champ replacing the last.

The strategy for both will begin on the feet and wind up on the ground because both welcome a slugfest and rely heavily on unforgivingly dangerous supporting ground games. I think if we have to give each man an advantage I would say Tony looks laser fast and accurate and varied in his striking repertoire and damage output.

When I look at Khabib he doesn’t deliver as much damage on his feet than Tony is known for. Then again, the man suffers almost no damage to himself in the process. Tony will fight with reckless abandon choosing chaos over safety to secure wins. Khabib will use his wrestling to tire Tony and weaken his opponent’s arms and shoulders and energy levels before engaging in a striking war.

Jorge Masvidal is an exception to this narrative if he chooses to climb down the ladder to 155. He says he’s physically capable of it. Might not be realistic but it still serves as food for thought.

I’m going with the Boogyman, The Phantom of the Opera, The man with the avenging wings of an angel and bad intentions in every aspect of the fight game, Tony Ferguson by TKO.

– says maybe only me

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