Leonard Garcia vs. George Roop

Pic by SHERDOG.COM -click for source- Credit: Dave Mandel

Apparently when it comes to the NFL and his Arizona Cardinals, it is no joke to mess around with UFC bantamweight George Roop after a loss in opening week of the NFL.

Roop earlier in the evening had a released a comment stating that he had “assaulted” a San Francisco 49ers fan during his time spent in training and at the gym earlier in the day.

The statement in no way was is to be taken literally as he certainly meant he made it a rough practice for the “San Fran” fan and co training partner.

“I’m not gonna lie; I assaulted a 49ers fan today at the gym”, wrote Roop.

This past Sunday was the first Sunday to hold a NFL football game since February 3, 2013. With that amount of time in between games, it is easy to see how die-hard fans may be disappointed if their team falls on opening day.

Roop’s Cardinals(0-1) fell short to division rivals, the St. Louis Rams in a close one which resulted in fourth quarter comeback for the home team Rams.

The 49ers ended up squeezing out a victory of their own and moving right to the top of their division over the Arizona Cardinals. The teams are expected to face each other twice this season so we will be on the look-out for more updates from Mr. Roop.