Jessamyn Duke. Pic by SHERDOG.COM -click for source- Credit: Dave Mandel

The pranks get started and two friends once again have to fight each other. So with that, here’s the review of the latest episode of this season:

TUF 18 Episode 5: Redemption

Immediately after the fight between Roxanne Modafferi and Jessica Rakoczy, Rokoczy is shown actually taking care of Modafferi. Later Modafferi is shown sobbing in the back yard while hiding. However, she’s also shown shaking it off and laughing shortly afterwards. It is also later shown that Raquel Pennington talks to Shayna Baszler about her being an openly gay athlete.

This is a unique revelation considering Pennington’s probably the first openly gay fighter in the house. However, the conversation ends on a good note as Pennington noted her father accepted her as she was. Later on there is an interesting ‘truth or dare’ game with one of the dares resulting in Modafferi (who was off writing Japanese) being hit on and Anthony Gutierrez calling upcoming fighter Louis Fisette the weakest link in the house. Fisette takes offense to the comment but doesn’t make a huge deal out of it.

Later on with Julianna Pena having made enchiladas, some of the fighters are finding it difficult to maintain weight. Gutierrez especially splurges on the enchiladas and he and several of the other fighters find themselves almost 20 pounds overweight. Fisette later admits that he’s been bluffing on how heavy he is, telling fellow fighters he walks around the 150s, but is in reality around 145 pounds.

At the Team Rousey training session, Rousey’s mother Dr. Anna Maria DeMars comes by to weigh in on some of the fighters and give them some advice. Later on she comes to the house and talks with upcoming fighter David Grant about his family being a motivation for his upcoming fight. The next day Team Tate’s coaching staff pulls a little prank by placing a little figure of the Count from Sesame Street with a coupon for eyebrow waxing. The prank is meant for Team Rousey trainer Edmond Tarverdyan.

Though DeMars jokingly encourages Team Rousey to pull a counter prank, Rousey decides not to follow through fearing that Tarverdyan may retaliate in a manner Dana White may not approve of, so she hides the figure. Finally Grant and Fisette fight and the first round is clearly handled by Grant who uses his striking and take down defense to control the round. Round two starts to go the same way and ends when Grant pulls a submission against Fisette. Fisette then laments about how this was his second chance on the show but that he failed.

After DeMars congratulates Grant for his victory, Rousey announces the next fight is between Team Rousey member Jessamyn Duke against Team Tate’s Pennington. Coach Meisha Tate then discusses how she was planning on this match up anyways and talks to Pennington about capitalizing on the match, up while Rousey and Duke talk about how it’s “bitch time.”

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