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“Yah I got one,” said Jacob “Christmas” Volkmann when asked if he had a statement for his opponent. “I’m gonna give him a University of Minnesota wrestling beat down.” 

I’ll admit I was digging for something good but then this isn’t the first time Volkmann will compete against Shane Roller. “Cause we were arch rivals back when he was in college too. Their senior year they won nationals. The two years before that we won,” said Volkmann.

Both men were in different weight classes at the time, therefore not competing directly. At UFC 151, on Sept. 1st, at the Mandalay Bay Center in Las Vegas, this won’t be the case.

Taking the fight on short notice, Volkmann is intent on regaining momentum after losing to Paul Sass by Sassingle choke, snapping his five fight win streak. “Yah I did let Joe Silva know I was ready to take a short notice fight because after that loss I kinda needed some more money,” said Volkmann. “Beating Shane Roller… will pull me up a little further [in the division].”

Sometimes fighters take fights on short notice and with all the injuries in the sport of MMA these days, it’s entirely too common.

“Shit happens,” said Volkmann. “I don’t think it was any different than it was five years ago. I kinda wondered if it had anything to do with, “back in the day.”  People fought when they had an injury. But then they heard if they got their but kicked [the UFC] could cut you anytime. So I think people are more afraid of a loss fighting with an injury. I think that’s where it’s coming from. That’s why more injuries are actually coming out. People… you know, just don’t want to chance it.”

Volkmann is far from injured these days and definitely ready to make another run for top contendership. “I think it’s a good match up for me,” said Volkmann. “I don’t really think he’s got that big of a name, but oh well. It’s gonna be a good win.”

He’s been watching tape on Roller and for all intents and purposes, is not worried about his opponent’s fighting style. “He’s got a good overhand left I think he always throws,” said Volkmann. “That’s about all he’s got. I think he’s gonna be a little different because I’m a south paw too and hopefully he has someone to train with because I’m a south paw.”

He may be confident he can win, but don’t mistake his demeanor for pride. “Well, we’ll see what happens,” said Volkmann. “I’ve been working on a lot of new stuff, when I train. I don’t think his take down defense is really good in MMA. Back in wrestling he was a good wrestler but I don’t think it carried over that well.”

Volkmann will be fighting on the same card headlined by current light weight champion Ben “Smooth” Henderson who is set to defend his title against the man he dethroned in their last fight, former champ Frankie “The Answer” Edgar.

Frankie Edgar has received a staggering amount of criticism lately. Interesting enough, it began while he was holding the belt and even caused a little drama between him and Dana White at one point. Many feel that Edgar should drop to featherweight, since it’s a more natural weight class for his build, and would save him from the chance of being out muscled by simply larger opponents.

Dropping down in weight may not save him though. “I agree,” said Volkmann when I asked if he felt there were risks involved if the former champ should decide to drop weight. “I came down to 155 and they got a lot quicker.”

In general Volkmann feels the UFC has extremely tough competition, yet believes a certain level of hype can cloud the ranking system at times. “Well, I don’t know, I’m not a fan of the top ten just because it’s based on who’s more exciting and who’s on the main card,” said Volkmann. “There should be some of those guys in the top 30 that shouldn’t be in the top 10.”

Even though Volkmann isn’t happy with the candidates for this year’s presidential elections, he light heartedly shared his sentiment. “I don’t hate Romney, I just don’t like him. I don’t like Obama obviously. I’m going to write my own name in next election. Tell people to vote me in!”

For those who miss honest politicians, be sure to vote Volkmann in to office four years from now and don’t forget to order his infamous “Volkmann for President” shirts at his website: http://www.jacobvolkmann.net/

 In the video below, Volkmann talks about his Obama comments, his chances at title contention, and the infamous glass-sectomy joke he made in the cage after his UFC 141 win against TUF Winner Efrain Escudero.