Cris “Cyborg” Evangelista is out on suspension but will return soon.

Cyborg has been an MMA household name since beating Gina Corano two years ago. In her last ten fights she has knocked out every opponent except one who she beat unanimously. She has yet to get in any trouble in the cage or need to rely on anything less than her basic tactic which is to overpower her opponents mercilessly until the fight is stopped. Until recently, she was the women’s 145lb champ and had just defended her belt against Hiroko Yamanaka when a post-fight drug test came up positive for performance enhancing drugs. Her belt was taken and the weight class she held for years was closed. Women’s MMA has always been struggling to get by and now it only has its Bantam weight class 135lb division at Strikeforce.

Out of nowhere Ronda Rousey has emerged. She has won all eight of her fights in the first round by vicious arm bars. I watched every one of her fights and so far she has put on a dominating arm snatching clinic, snapping the arm of her recent victim to capture the Strike Force women’s bantam weight title.

Neither of these fighters have been tested in the cage, and both are in a class of their own. I just can’t imagine what would happen in this fight! Will Ronda take Cyborg down, arm-barring her in the opening minute of the first round or will Cyborg ground and pound her after stuffing her in to the corner of the cage? How technical of a fighter is Cyborg on the ground? Will she be able to stop Ronda’s arm bar assault? Can Ronda take a punch? Can Ronda win on her feet if she failed to take Cyborg down?

One of the biggest draws of this fight, in my opinion, is Ronda’s trash talking attitude. Here is an opponent for her that was kicked out of the sport for using steroids. I can’t imagine how entertaining the prefight press conference will be!

In a recent interview with Sherdog’s “Savage Dog Show,” Ronda had this to say about Cyborg:

“I think she was a detriment to women’s MMA. I think

Ronda Rousey (on the right) took the Strikeforce Women’s Battamweight belt from Miesha Tate (on left) in her last fight

that no little girl is going to watch Cris Cyborg fight and want to be like her one day. I don’t think that she’s a good example. I think it was obvious all along that she was doping and I think it’s a really bad message to send to kids that you need to dope to be a champion. I think it’s better with her gone and I think that when she comes back — I plan on fighting her when she comes back and I plan on beating her when she comes back. I feel like that will be a good example. The only positive role that I think Cris Cyborg can play for women’s MMA is as a bad guy Ivan Drago character that’s going to get beat by a Rocky. … She earned her sentence, and when she’s done, she can come back and get her real punishment.” (Retrieved from

OH SNAPS!! After reading that I think Strikeforce is obligated to making this fight happen as soon as Cyborg’s suspension is up. Like I said to kick this off, this is all I want for Christmas…