Quinton "e;Rampage"e; Jackson

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Quinton “Rampage” Jackson will enter the UFC octagon for the last time this Saturday when he steps up against Glover Teixeira. Rampage is still a well-known name and probably one of the best fighters to ever step in the octagon.

The problem is, he has stopped caring about his career and his fans. Rampage claimed in a interview on UFC on Fox 6 Road To The Octagon, that the American fans gave up on him when he beat Chuck Liddell for the title, yet in reality that’s the moment he chose to give up on us.

Rampage was a huge name in Pride and in Japan, so when he came over with his loud mouth, crude humor, and wolverine like howl, fans ate it up and enjoyed this new approach. At the same time, fans were still used to heroes like Liddell who didn’t talk smack, trained hard, and backed everything up in the cage.

Fans enjoyed Liddell, but also wanted to see him lose, in part due to his long title reign. Rampage knocked out Chuck in 2 minutes of the first round to become the new UFC light heavyweight champion, and the crowd went nuts with mixed emotions.

Some fans cheered for Jackson, drunk fans cheered to the tune of someone getting hit in the face and dropped, others cheered because Chuck lost, and the rest booed at Chuck’s performance. They weren’t booing Rampage, they were mad at Chuck and have never seen him get rocked like that. The world doesn’t revolve around you Rampage.

Rampage has NEVER done anything for the fans, so why does he care now? This is the same man after every interview that acts like “Booker T” from the WWE starring down the camera, howling, and making light of an intense situation. The same man that took two TUF head coaching jobs just for the publicity, losing both fights at the conclusion of the show by the way. He didn’t care about any of the fighters on the show, just his own image.

Quinton Jackson is a joke as far as I’m concerned and claims he wants to be an entertainer first and fighter second. There has even been rumors of Rampage joining forces with King Mo Lawal in TNA (Total Non-Stop Wrestling) as a tag team with the homage to a former team called Harlem Heat. Rampage wants to entertain, but what he doesn’t realize is, entertainers have one thing he doesn’t…FANS! Even the worst heal in a pro-wrestling organization has a fan base.

For Rampage to say we gave up on him is ludicrous. We had your back until you gave up on us making The A-Team movie, making creepy “rape” videos on youtube, and personally calling us out. Quinton has said that his persona and Rampage’s are completely different. Well, both are disrespectful and if that is true, then Rampage has ruined both of their legacies.

Watch highlights from Rampage’s career in the video below.

Video courtesy of PavelGaborik10